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Thread: World of Color Dessert Party worth $84?

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    World of Color Dessert Party worth $84?

    I'm taking two kids 11 & 13 years old for Spring Break. We have never seen World of Color before. I will definitely be purchasing a Fantasmic Dining Package while we're there, and I'm considering the World of Color Dessert Party, but $84 per person seems really crazy to me, even for Disneyland! Is the seating really spectacular and the desserts filling? I'm willing to pay for not having to wait in line forever for a good spot to view the show, but this will probably require skipping an expense elsewhere.

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    My main reason for doing the WoC Dessert Party is so I can sit down! The desserts and bread are plenty filling for me, and I usually have leftovers (they will bring you a container to take them home in); you get two beverages as well (some alcoholic! I usually get champagne ). They have raised tables and regular tables; if you don't fill a table (4), you may have to share if they are full. The view is good too.

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    If there are two shows when you visit, there is a better chance of getting a good view in the free FP area with less wait time for the later show. You will still have to be wise about your wait time planning, but the second show has been much less crowded than the first show lately.

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    I personally don't think the Fantasmic meals are worth the price. That said, I find waiting a little while with a fastpass for World of Color to be much easier than doing the same with Fantasmic. If you don't mind being in the wet zone for World of Color, it's pretty easy to get a decent spot near the front.

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    And we do enjoy the WOC Dessert Party, but it really is a treat and a splurge, so we don't do it often. If you plan well, it isn't hard to get good viewing with a free FP. And for the price of the regular dining packages, at least you get a full meal. We like the Fantasmic! dining packages, too, but find the Hungry Bear meal to be the best deal for the price. Blue Bayou is for special occasions, like birthdays. If you are solo or a small group, it isn't that hard to find decent to good viewing for the second show.

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    The "dessert" you receive is fairly substantial. If you ever did the seating (below, not on the balcony) in the past for Fantasmic, the dessert is very similar to that. A little more, plus the alcohol if you like. I agree with Pammer that you will likely have "leftovers."
    We enjoy it as a very special $$ treat because at the end of a long day we just can't stand up to watch WOC. Husband is tall and has no prob seeing. I am not tall and even though the show visible to me I often get a parent that puts a child on their shoulders (being a short person I understand it Have fun!!



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