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Thread: Frozen 2 (SPOILERS, lots of them)

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    Frozen 2 (SPOILERS, lots of them)

    So I've seen Frozen 2 and I have questions. Don't keep reading if you haven't seen it yet and care about spoilers. I warned you. Seriously!

    I really enjoyed the movie, but there are a few things that I'm not sure I understand:
    1) The voice Elsa hears. Is it her mother, is it the nature spirits calling her, or is it coming from inside her (basically her subconscious telling her where to go)? I've played with all three of these options and I'm not sure.
    2) What's up with the frozen statues of memories? I get that they're a good story device and play into the "water has memory" thing, but where did they come from and why do they appear?
    3) Ahtohallan. Why does Elsa freeze there? And then why does she end up going back? Is the cave neutralized once the dam breaks, or is there still a dangerous "too deep" point to stay away from?

    I feel like the storyline was really complicated for a kids' movie. It was beautiful and I can't stop listening to the soundtrack, and I did really enjoy it overall, but those questions have been nagging me. My 4-year-old loved it, but I'm not sure she understood 80% of the "why" behind any of the character actions.

    I think Kristoff might actually be my favorite in this film -- his song and the reindeer arrangement made my jaw drop and I clapped in the theater. Also, "my love is not fragile." Go Kristoff, you rock. I also loved seeing Anna moving forward and taking the lead after she thinks Elsa is dead. She really is the best suited to be queen of Arendelle.

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    Alright, I feel like I understand the second and third questions a little more after looking up the lyrics to "All is Found." Basically, there's a magic river full of memories, which also has answers and a path for Elsa. The river sings, and you need to dive in and be brave to face what the river knows. Her mother is also in the river...? The song also implies that it's the river calling Elsa, so maybe that song actually answers all the things. I'm getting there, lol.

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    #1 - I thought there was some definite indication that the voice was her mother. I can't remember what it was but I remember thinking that, after she goes in the cave and sees the pictures on the wall, I think? If I see the film again, I'll try to remember to pay more attention to that segment.

    I enjoyed the film a lot, though I haven't been able to join the discussion on whether the first film was better or the second one. I think the second was actually quite different than the first, and the second also has the reputation of the first looming over it, which obviously the first didn't.

    The sequence with Kristoff and the song was great. Our theatre was laughing a lot throughout the whole sequence.

    We saw it opening night at the El Capitan and had the bonus of Josh Gad showing up before the movie to talk for a bit. That was cool.

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