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Thread: 2nd Honeymoon part 2

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    2nd Honeymoon part 2

    I apologize that I have not finished my trip report, life got in the way. In case your forgot what had happened previously, here is the link to part 1

    Wednesday January 30th
    Plan: Epcot

    Actual: We got up around 6 and had received an email from Frontier airlines that if we wanted to change our flight that we could at no charge, due to the extreme cold and questions of if the airport would be open. After some discussion, we decide to go ahead and keep our original plans. I fixed a breakfast of ham and eggs and then we ordered a Lyft driver. Our driver was not much of a talker and kept switching music, which was a bit annoying.

    We got dropped off right in front and the first thing that my wife wanted to do was go find a sweatshirt. The one that she had brought was like t-shirt material and not very warm. We headed to Mouse Gear and looked around until my wife found one that she liked. While we were in the store my phone rang, which caught me a little off guard and I knew that I need to answer when I saw it was my oldest daughter calling. She tells me that there is water on the floor. The night before, we had her keep the faucet in the kitchen running a bit to keep the pipes from freezing. She told me that she had turned off the main water and was cleaning up the water. I called a friend in the area to see if he could stop by and check it out. I headed over to ride Soarin, while my wife walked around, since she gets motion sickness.

    I did not have a fastpass for Soarin and the line was about 30 minutes. While waiting in line, I played the trivia game on my phone and did pretty well. Just as I was about to board, I received a text from my wife asking where I was and told her I was getting on the ride. I got off and texted her to see where she was and she said that she wanted to meet some characters, so I suggested we meet at the character spot. I got there and waited and my wife was nowhere to be found. After waiting a bit, I called her and she could not find it. I asked if she could find the store where she bought the sweatshirt and she did, so I met her there and headed to the character spot.

    The wait time was showing as a 30 minute wait, but when we got in line, there was only one other group in front of us, and a handful of people in the fastpass line. We were shown in after a few minute wait and had fun seeing Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. Next up was our fastpass for Spaceship Earth, then we went over to Sunshine Seasons for a snack. My wife had seen a cake that she wanted to try. She had that and I had a Mickey cheesecake. While we were in there, I received a call from our friend and he had stopped by to take a look at the water issue. He said that it was not a burst pipe and looked like it was coming from the dishwasher. We figure that the drain had backed up and was leaking from the bottom of the dishwasher.

    When we were finished with our snack, we headed over to the Norway pavilion to meet Anna and Elsa. There was a bit of a wait to meet them and we took some fun pictures and talked about the cold weather. Next stop was to Kringka Bakeri, where we shared a troll horn. Our next stop was to ride Gran Fiesta Tour. The last time I was on this was before they added the 3 Caballeros, and I thought it was a decent addition. We continued our tour around World Showcase, skipping China, and wandered around the shops in Germany. At the food booth in Italy I had the Sweet and Sour Balsamic - glazed pork ribs. I enjoyed them and was impressed by the quantity they served. We ate at a table by the lake and we were feeling the cold.

    We continued on to the American Adventure. The next show was not for a bit, so we moved over to Japan. We headed back to the museum area and looked around there for a bit. Then looked around the store for a bit. I was looking for something for my youngest daughter, since she is into Pokemon, but I did not find anything. We headed back to the American Adventure and enjoyed the Voices of Liberty before the show. My wife ended up falling asleep during it and I was continually fighting off a nap. Our next stop was Morocco, and my wife got the humus and pita chips from the festival booth, which was all right.

    We looked through the shops in France and the UK, and enjoyed browsing through all the stores. As we were heading over to Canada, Bodhaktan was playing and we stopped to listen. They played a song about life in a cold climate, which had my wife and I laughing, since we could relate. We had not seen the Canada movie with Martin Short, so we enjoyed that. Our next stop was the Refreshment Port for the lobster chips. This was my favorite dish of the day. All of the flavors blended well.

    It was about time for our fastpass for Frozen Ever After, and headed back over to Norway. On the way we stopped and I bought a Festival of the Arts shirt with figment on it. We get in line and I made a reservation for the viewing area for Illuminations. I enjoyed the ride, and was impressed by the animatronics, but dont feel the need to ride it again. My wife was cold and tired and wanted to go back to the hotel, but was fine with me staying. We exited the park and took a boat to the Boardwalk, where we ordered a Lyft ride. I rode back to the hotel and waited for her to bring down a second sweat shirt before heading back to the park.

    There was a beer flight that was being offered that I wanted to try, so I got that first thing before heading to Mission Mars where I rode the Orange side and we managed to avoid disaster. I still had some time before I needed to head over to the Illuminations viewing area and the single rider line for Test Track was short, so I hoped on that. When we had been looking at Mouse Gear for a sweatshirt, we had seen a Star Wars shirt that my youngest daughter would love so, I picked that up and headed to watch Illuminations. The viewing spot was really nice and I enjoyed the show. Afterwards I headed to the exit and took a Lyft back to the hotel.

    We had wanted to get some snacks to take back home for our daughters and had not seen anything in the parks, so when I got back to the hotel, we drove over to Disney Springs and hoofed it over to Goofys Candy Kitchen and bought some cookies and Rice Krispy treats. After our late night shopping trip, we packed our bags and headed to bed.

    Things I Think:
    Even though it was in the 50s, which can be warm for us, with the wind it was cold.
    I enjoyed snacking through the day instead of having set meals.
    It was fun to walk around and really look at the countries of World Showcase.
    I appreciate that my wife lets me go and do things without her.

    I don't know and I don't care if It's a Small World. It's a nice day when you wake up in Disneyland.

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    Thursday January 31st
    Plan: Fly Home
    Actual: We go up and headed to the airport. In the airport, we stopped at Starbucks for something to eat and a drink, since we did not have anything to eat at our hotel. We boarded and had an uneventful flight. We picked up our luggage and then met our ride to take us home. Before we had left, we asked the person driving us home to stop by our house and pick up our jackets, and I am glad we did, since it was brutally cold. Once we got home I had to clear the snow from the driveway that my daughters had not cleared.

    Things I Think:
    I am glad that my daughters are responsible and can handle issues that come up, allowing my wife and I to take trips like this.
    I am ready to move to Florida to get out of this cold.

    I don't know and I don't care if It's a Small World. It's a nice day when you wake up in Disneyland.



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