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Thread: Extremely important MK news!

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    Extremely important MK news!

    The spitting camel is back!

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    Extremely important MK news!

    Breaking news! I like it.

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    Love that camel😀

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    My queen! I rode the carpets of Aladdin with my grandmother, and every time we got to that camel it would spit in her ear. Absolutely essential part of the ride in my opinion

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    So here's a question.

    I saw the spitting camel during a long weekend trip a week ago.

    Did the head always turn, or is that a new "plussing" of the feature?

    (and I admit I've never been on the ride, so I didn't know it could hit riders as posted above , I always just thought it only hit unsuspecting walkers in it's path)


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    Yes, the heads always turned. How do I know this? I was in Aladdin's Royal Caravan at Disneyland in 1992 and my role was, "Spittoon Carrier". I kid you not. I spent the summer doing choreography that mimicked catching the spit while also trying to avoid it. Great fun!

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    I'll just chalk that up in the column of "things you can see so many times and then still learn something new" department!

    It always seemed to me in the past that the wet spot on the ground was in the same spot, but I honestly never stood around too long in the area and stared at the camel long enough to truly characterize a pattern, since I didn't realize it moved at all. I always thought it was more or less aimed towards the middle of the path as one wandered past the Swiss Family Tree House towards the Magic Carpets, thereby catching people who were not paying attention while they were walking.

    Thanks for the info!




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