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Thread: Welcome to the Marketplace! Read this first before starting a thread.

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    Welcome to the Marketplace! Read this first before starting a thread.

    Who can post here?

    Every member of MousePad can now post in this forum. Anything that would have been removed from other forums in the past as solicitation will likely be moved to this forum from now on.

    Since this is a moderated forum, initial posts must be approved by a moderator or admin and may take some time to appear.

    What can I sell here?

    While we'd prefer things offered or requested have some Disney connection, it is not a requirement. We do, however, reserve the right to remove any posting for any reason.

    All sales must be between private parties and be selling tangible items.

    What about for-free services?

    Some frequent "for free" services we see posted (and have removed in the past) would include requests that someone take a picture of something at the park and email it to them, or some variaton of a "vote for my band in this online battle of the bands contest" request

    Even though nothing is really being sold, we've removed these from the general forums to avoid posts of these types from growing and overwhelming other conversations. They will now be allowed in this forum.

    A recent "free" offer has involved extra tickets to lottery- or contest-based events or passholder parties. If you have won tickets to such an event and have extra tickets you are willing to share with other members at no charge you may post your offer here, but we expect that anyone offering a ticket is doing so with no expectation of payment (or trade or barter) of any kind.

    Finally, this is not a personals service so "I'll buy dinner at the Blue Bayou for one attractive single woman between the ages of 25-33" would not be allowed.

    What about linking to my auction?

    This forum is meant for the listing of items for sale, or requests for such items. It is not meant to be an advertisement for your auction. Links to auctions are not allowed, and will be removed.

    What do you mean by "private party" sales?

    Private party sales are transactions between two non-commercial entities. If Member A wants to buy a Mickey Mouse T-shirt from Member B, that is usually a private party transaction, unless either member is in the business of buying or selling such property.

    In general, if you make a hobby or a living by buying or selling an item or class of items, you are considered a commercial user, and may not participate in this board to buy or sell items for your business. You may, however, buy or sell items that are not part of your business.

    What do you mean by "tangible" items?

    Items listed for sale must be physical, transferable items, such as clothing, books, and pins. You cannot list or sell intangible items, including software, downloads, digital images or files of any kind.

    What do you mean by "licensed" items?

    Any Disney items listed for sale must be officially licensed products authorized by the Disney company. You cannot use this forum to sell any item that infringes on a Disney copyright, including artwork, one-of-a-kind clothing, "fantasy" pins, copies (duplicates) of Disney music, films, games, or any other unlicensed item.

    What items are prohibited?

    • All items being sold or purchased by a commercial user.
    • Theme park admission media, Club 33 admission.
    • runDisney race entries (race bibs).
    • Drugs, alcohol, weapons and other controlled property.
    • Items that infringe on copyrights or trademarks.
    • Items that in any way violate the MousePad Community Policies
    • Other items that the moderators find to be objectonable or in poor taste.

    This list is not all-inclusive, and the moderators have the right to remove a post, or remove any item for any reason.

    How do I list an item for sale?

    Create a new post, with a descriptive title. Be sure to provide full details about the item, as well as estimated shipping / handling costs. Basically, include all of the information that prospective buyers may want. If you have a photo of the item on your personal Web site, you can link to that photo so buyers can see the item.

    How do I determine a price? Is this an auction?

    The buy / sell board does not operate as an auction venue. When you list an item, you should list your asking price as well. If you prefer to take offers on the item, and sell to the person who places the best offer, please note that in the listing and provide a method for doing so, the thread itself is not the place for haggling over price.

    I saw something I want to buy - how do I contact the seller?

    If you are interested in purchasing something listed for sale, contact the seller by Private Message or e-mail. In general, the thread is not the appropriate place for making final arrangements. However, if you have basic questions about the item feel free to post a reponse to the thread.

    If I am selling something, how do I make sure buyers can contact me?

    1) Make sure you have e-mail enabled. Go to the User Control Panel (User CP), and click on "Edit Options" from the left hand navigation bar. Make sure you check the box that says "Receive Email from Other Members."

    2) If you prefer not to communicate via e-mail, make sure you enable private messaging, and check your private message box frequently. Go to the User Control Panel (User CP), and click on "Edit Options" from the left hand navigation bar. Make sure you check the box that says "Enable Private Messaging."

    You can request an e-mail every time you get a new private message - from the same control screen, check the box that says "Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages."

    You can also request a pop-up box every time you get a new private message - from the same control screen, check the box that says "Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up."

    What do I do once an item is sold?

    Once you have sold an item, or decided that you no longer want to sell the item, please post a follow-up post to your original listing, noting that the item has been sold or withdrawn. This will keep other buyers from contacting you about something you no longer have for sale.

    My item hasn't sold, can I list it again?

    If you item doesn't sell and you want to bring attention to it again, you can bump the thread with a notice that the item is still available. You should only do this every couple of weeks.

    Can I list multiple items?

    Yes, you can either list multiple items in a single post or create separate posts for the items. We reserve the right to merge multiple posts into one thread if we feel it is appropriate. If, however, you are posting so frequently and so much that we feel you are attempting to make some kind of living at it, you'll fall under the prohibition against commercial sellers.

    I own a travel agency/limo service/hotel/restaurant/gift shop. Can I post my fantastic specials for your readers?

    At this time, commercial posts are not allowed on MousePad. Please contact the MousePlanet Sales department for advertising opportunities on MousePlanet and MousePad.

    The transaction for the item I bought/sold turned into a disaster. What will you do about it?

    MousePlanet acts as a venue for sellers to offer items for sale and buyers to respond to such ads. The item listings have been provided by the seller. As such, MousePlanet cannot vouch for the the truth or accuracy of the listings, and has no control over the quality, safety or legality of the items advertised.

    We reserve the right to remove any post that violates our policies, but we assume no obligation to do so.

    Buyers and sellers are ultimately responsible for the transaction. MousePlanet assumes no liability or responsibility for transactions, and will not intervene or mediate in a dispute.
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