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Thread: Countdown! March 24, 2020!

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    Countdown! March 24, 2020!

    Cast Members:
    Me 45 (at time of travel)
    DH 48 (ATOT)
    DD 15 - early Sweet 16 trip for her!
    DS 12 (ATOT)

    I was in MK and EPCOT waaaaaayyyyy back in 1985 (? I was in 5th grade). None of the rest of my family has ever been.

    7 nights.


    Lodging: Art of Animation Lion King family suite.
    Opted to stay on property even though we could have saved A LOT of money with our timeshare. We may never get to do this again as a family, so I wanted the full-spectrum Disney immersion! Plus getting to pick Fast Passes early! Also transportation was a HUGE factor in our decision. AoA is on the Skyliner, so we know getting to at least 2 of the parks will be a breeze, and according to the Unofficial Guide to WDW, AoA has only one bus stop, so getting to other parks/resorts will hopefully be faster! One thing that is kind of devastating, that I didn't realize until after we'd booked: NO HOT TUB. WHAAAAAAA?? Us plebs in the Value resorts don't merit a relaxing soak, I guess.

    Other than that, really excited! I had planned to surprise my kiddos in March with the news, but I needed their opinions on resorts and restaurants, plus their anticipation and excitement is so wonderful to experience!

    6 day park-hopper plus. Planning for 5 days in parks/water parks... which is best, BB or TL? Then maybe either Cape Canaveral (if there'e a launch!) or Clearwater Beach (none of us have ever seen the Gulf of Mexico). Can we rent a car for a day on property?

    Have reservations for Oga's. We're trying to decide between Hoop-Dee-Do Revue and Be Our Guest as our exorbitantly expensive family meal experience. Any opinions from y'all? (We're leaning towards HDDR, since I and the DH do enjoy our wine, beer, and sangria!!) What is the main draw for BOG? As a HUGE fan of Blue Bayou at DLR, I want some serious ambiance with my super-spendy meal...

    Anything this noob should know? Lay it on me!

    SQUEEEEEE! Will post updates and trip report after!

    Trips to DL: 2x 1978-1988, 90, 95, 98, 99, 00, 05 (2x), 10, 12, 15, 16, 17(2x), 18, 19(2x). Planned WDW March 2020.
    Me: 44, DH: 47, DD: 15, DS: 11

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    How exciting! Sounds like a wonderful family vacation. I prefer TL to BB. I like the ambiance better. Yes you can rent a car on property. Alamo has a rental location at the car service station outside the Magic Kingdom. Never did Hoop because not big on the menu. Ate breakfast at BOG, not impressed with meal but liked the ambiance. You can get alcohol at BOG for lunch and dinner.

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    Thanks, daisyd0!

    Trips to DL: 2x 1978-1988, 90, 95, 98, 99, 00, 05 (2x), 10, 12, 15, 16, 17(2x), 18, 19(2x). Planned WDW March 2020.
    Me: 44, DH: 47, DD: 15, DS: 11

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    Sounds fun! With only 5 days, I wouldn't waste one on a water park. I'd do the space center tour, it's awesome. And nice sand at Cocoa Beach, way less crowded.

    Can't say about HDDR, but BOG is nothing special food-wise and if you're only doing one big meal there are many better options. Skipper Canteen is great. So is Biergarten, Spice Road Table, Coal Reef, Akershus. The French places at Epcot have better food than BOG. Yak n Yeti is really good and i've heard great things about Tiffins.

    I think you'll be there for Epcot Flower & Garden Festival with lots of food booths for snacking. Oh, and most table service restaurants serve alcohol now.

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    Thanks nickjandrews! You kind of confirmed my feelings about BoG - didn't seem that amazing for what you pay. The kids are super excited about the water parks, and we don't have a lot of those around here in the rainy PNW, so I doubt I'll get away with not taking them for that! ;-)

    I knew about the Flower festival - didn't realize that would mean food booths, too! Yay! I'm often in DCA for the food and wine festival, and it's always so yummy!

    Trips to DL: 2x 1978-1988, 90, 95, 98, 99, 00, 05 (2x), 10, 12, 15, 16, 17(2x), 18, 19(2x). Planned WDW March 2020.
    Me: 44, DH: 47, DD: 15, DS: 11

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