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Thread: No WOC or Fireworks In Oct? Nightly Starting Nov?

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    No WOC or Fireworks In Oct? Nightly Starting Nov?

    I just noticed that World of Color and Fireworks are not on the calendar for the dates we planned, Sept 30-Oct 5. I thought they would at least be showing on the weekend. Was hoping to catch those and Fantasmic. Since the calendar isnt going out too far, does anyone know if these will be available all week or at least the weekends during the holidays? May need to change our plans. Thanks.


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    I see Halloween Screams with fireworks in the schedule for Friday and Saturday.

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    i wonder if they have not figured out how to marry non-party days and party days for WoC showing. THe new WoC show for Oogie Boogie's party may require time off on other nights - but thats just speculation on my part.

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