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Thread: Disney World Resort vs Disney Springs area hotel

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    Disney World Resort vs Disney Springs area hotel

    We are headed to WDW in January for the half marathon. Looking at room options for those dates. We have travel often this summer due to my son's baseball. What I am noticing that with a family of four (me, my wife, daughter 20, son 14) a normal hotel room (standard 2 queen bed room) just isn't enough space for us anymore. I have been looking at the DoubleTree Suites in the Disney Springs area. Having that extra sitting room with the pull out sleeper sofa is really nice. Gives us a chance to spread out a little. But of course the family wants to stay at a Disney World Resort. I think we outgrown the value resorts. They are fine when it is just me and my daughter doing our annual trip together, but we are needing more space. I have been looking at the moderate resorts but even they seem limited in space.

    The family thinks that if we go to the Disney Springs area hotels that the experience won't be the same. That it's just not the same feel as being at a Disney World Resort. Has anyone stayed at the Disney Springs hotels and what are your thoughts? Any thoughts on the Double Tree?

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    Unfortunately, for the most part I think this is something you can only answer for yourself.

    Since you suspect that your family will feel different at a non Disney hotel, that probably will be the case (at least to some extent), but you can't know how big a deal it may be until you do it one time.

    There are still "on-site like" situations, like some hotels may have (distant, of course) views of Epcot.

    If you are big into using hotel amenities, then I suspect that while the D Springs ones may have similar services, you will miss the Disney "feel". Is your room a whole aspect of the vacation itself, or just somewhere to rest your head to catch some sleep?

    I know you suggest you've outgrown the Values, but have you considered the suites at AoA? I have a friend with a family of 5 (though his oldest was probably around 14 the last time he went, so not the same as a 14 yo and 20 yo), and the suites there have more space, I am pretty sure. I think it's a separate room for the master, then the common area for the second main bed and then any fold out and the rest of the living area.

    I've steyed at the Best Western and the Wyndham Garden (think that's right, the lower end of the 2 Wyndhams that are really the same location). Both were OK (for me, but I've done even Days Inn and Super 8 from time to time for a day or 2 of several trips), though the Best Western is a construction zone right now, as they are building a 2nd tower. Haven't been to the Double Tree, so can't comment there.

    Good Luck!


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    I've never left property, so I understand what your family thinks. However I have friends that love the Disney magic and have stayed at Disney Springs - albeit back when it was Downtown Disney - and they still enjoyed the Disney magic.

    The Moderates are certainly a bit bigger than the values and it's a noticeable difference I feel.

    We're a family of 5 - twin 17-year-old boys, 20 year-old girl. We've been staying at The Yacht Club for several years now. I realize it can be a bit pricey but the daybed, the extra size and even the balcony all add up to giving us more space. And it's certainly chock full of Disney magic.

    I haven't stayed there, but what about the cabins at Fort Wilderness?

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    I forgot that All Star Music has a family suite. I may look into those. Anyone stayed in one of those before?

    Next WDW trip, May 14-18, 2021! Can't come soon enough.



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