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Thread: Vegas Vacation October 2017

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    Vegas Vacation October 2017

    Please see our photos here

    4th October
    Got text from BA at 9pm saying our flight from Aberdeen to Heathrow had been cancelled!
    Major panic!
    Luckily got easyJet flights from Aberdeen to Gatwick at 8.30

    Thursday 5th October
    I couldn't sleep till 1am and was up again at 3.30! Not the best start to a very long travel day but once I had my shower I was wide awake. Said bye to Rory and Dixie and we were on our way.
    We had good journey to Aberdeen air park and got bus to airport. Got checked in then I had a latte.
    Flight on time, and we left at 8.30am.
    Good flight and the senior cabin crew man was really funny, told some jokes that they don't usually do.
    Got taxi to Heathrow quickly! Cost 91 nice driver
    Huge problems in Heathrow. Was stood waiting for 1 1/2 hrs to try and check in bags. It issued seats separate in 2's so we're apart and worse still the plane computer system wouldn't accept our bags!! We had 4 people involved including 2 managers and wasn't any further on🙁it wouldn't let them do it as we didn't fly in with BA! I checked in the day before and originally had our 4 seats together but that disappeared when the first flight was cancelled!

    Finally we were checked in!! They had to speak to IT to sort it. We got 40 food vouchers and free entry to BA executive club lounge which is good. Had lovely lunch at an Italian restaurant.
    Kids had veggie sticks, then market fish, Ross had chocolate ice cream, Owen an ice lolly
    I had 11.50

    A bianca base topped with mozzarella, grilled tender stem broccoli, baby spinach and a free range egg

    It was very tasty.

    John had 11.95

    Big breakfast of back bacon, three Cumberland sausages, black pudding, hash browns, baked beans, free range eggs, roast tomato, mushroom and toast.

    BA club lounge next which was very nice. There was a kids play room with a PlayStation and computers which the boys enjoyed.
    John and I had a beer then I had a glenfidoch which was nice.
    Kids had more food, pasta etc. There was a good choice of food

    Plane was 30 mins late.
    I was in row 47 with Owen and John in row 49 with Ross
    I was sat beside nice lady from Newcastle.
    We had a good flight which passed quite quickly 10 hours 40 mins.
    I had Chicken risotto then chocolate pudding.
    Owen had cheesy tomato pasta with broccoli, bread roll, cheese and chocolate buttons.
    I had a few wines and watched some comedies.
    For the 2nd meal Owen had macaroni which he enjoyed.
    I had pizza which was nice.
    Landed nice and smoothly and it was nice watching the city and all the big hotels when we landed.
    Fairly quick through immigration then got a taxi to the hotel.
    Lovely room, on 58th floor!

    Please see our photos here

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    Our photos are here

    Friday 6th October

    Friday 6th October

    Woke up about 7.30 to a beautiful sunny day. We had great view of the airport and watched planes taking off and landing.
    I then put on FaceTime and spoke to Mum and Dad.
    We all got ready and went out to explore. It was lovely and hot.
    Walked to The Venetian and it was very nice. Took lots of photos.
    We then went to Denny's which was very busy. Didn't have too long to wait for a table. It was a lovely meal.
    I had the Loaded Veggie Omelette
    Three-egg omelette with fresh spinach, mushrooms, sauted zucchini and squash, diced tomatoes and melted Swiss cheese. Served with hash browns and choice of bread - I had sourdough toast

    John had a Double Cheeseburger

    Your choice of American, Swiss or Cheddar cheese tops two hand-pressed 100% beef patties. Served with lettuce, tomato, red onions and pickles. Served with choice of side, John had Seasoned Fries

    The boys had Mac and Cheese

    Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Served with choice of side, garden salad, yoghurt and bananas.


    The Flamingo hotel was our next stop and we enjoyed seeing the flamingos, ducks and birds.

    The boys met Elmo on the way back to our hotel.

    We went swimming and that was good until Ross decided to do a backflip in the pool and hit the back of his head off a step! Split it open
    Myself and Ross were taken to hospital with the paramedics who were so good with him. They even played Ross's favourite YouTube songs in the ambulance.
    The doctors and nurses were all great but he had to have 5 staples to close the wound! Very sore to go even with the local anaesthetic. Poor Ross was ok afterwards though and we got a taxi back to the hotel.
    It was nearly 10pm when we got back so just went to McDonald's and had cheeseburgers and fries etc
    It was a shame that happened on our first day but Ross was fine after and for the rest of the holiday. We had to back after 7 days to have the staples removed.

    Our photos are here



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