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Thread: The Misadventures of Captain EO - Part Two

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    The Misadventures of Captain EO - Part Two

    The Misadventures of Captain EO - Part Two by Jim Korkis

    Jim goes behind the scenes with more stories about the creation of the Michael Jackson 3-D film.

    Read it here!

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    A terrific two-parter - thanks for posting!

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    Very interesting article.

    However i am curious about the part regarding Jackson being in the projector room. This room was kept locked and off limits to everyone as it was dangerous to be inside there, occasionally the bulbs would um combust and cause quite a bad situation in that room, hence it was kept locked and unaccessable even to the cm's. Though i guess if anyone has the pull to get in there Jackson could have, but it was not a room that was available to enter normally for safety reasons.

    But i really enjoyed your article. Fun stuff.

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