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Thread: Gran Destino Tower!

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    Gran Destino Tower!

    Anyone have any suggestions for our stay at Gran Destino? Weve booked the tower for part of our vacation and cant wait to hear what peoples thoughts and recommendations are!

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    Gran Destino Tower!

    I watched the DFB review of the restaurant there. That looks worth a visit for sure. The lobby looks interesting for a bit of people watching too!


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    I stay the first week it opened. It is tremendous. If you want to see fireworks from your room, ask for an odd number. If you want a lake view, ask for an even number room. Especially if staying club because there isn't a category for waterview club level

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    We just got back from there. Really, really well done. A deluxe feel for a moderate price. Or almost moderate price.
    We got to help them work out some of the bugs and heard the same from other guests that they were Guinea pigs too. Disney is having a tough time getting competent, English speaking employees that will work for the price they are willing to pay. We heard one couple talk about the problems that caused them including being on the phone with hotel management at 11 pm at night and not getting their room cleaned because of the language barrier. You shouldn't have to fight to get your room cleaned at these prices.

    We will give it another try next year. Hopefully they will have the bugs worked out. We were very impressed with the new Tapas restaurant too but were surprised the same as our friends that they don't know what chorizo is or what it looks or tastes like. Hopefully they will get that figured out too.
    Disney needs to pay their people better so they can get the people they need into dealing with paying customers. The latest round of increases are not enough.



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