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Thread: The Misadventures of Captain EO - Part One

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    The Misadventures of Captain EO - Part One

    The Misadventures of Captain EO - Part One by Jim Korkis

    Jim goes behind the scenes of the Michael Jackson 3-D film.

    Read it here!

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    I wasnt a fan of either the attraction or Michael Jackson post the Thriller album, once all the radical cosmetic surgery, skin bleaching and general weirdness became more obvious and public. I saw it once at Epcot and never had a desire to see it again.
    The article was interesting as always, Jim.

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    I want to thank Jim Korkis for such a well-written and researched article.

    Captain Eo was my favorite Disney adventure. I love the trumpets, bassoons, strings and the full orchestra during the first 40 seconds of the movie. As we zoom from deep outer space and the planet sparkles at 43 seconds in 3D. The planet turns and the special effects begin when the voiceover says, “A small group struggles to bring freedom to the countless worlds of despair. A rag tag band led by the infamous Captain Eo”. Then a wonderful explosion! I was hooked! I then went on to see the movie probably over 100 times at Disneyland.

    At 2:05 in the movie, the legend of Francis Ford Coppola is on full display. We see his artistry as he melds the digital world with a quick sound of the spaceships alarm warning the team that the captain has arrived. I loved the way Coppola establishes the deck with a wide shot of the arrival by highlighting the platforms red lights. Then underneath the sound track there is this moody bass sound for a beat as Captain Eo (Michael Jackson) elevates up into the cabin as the music changes to an upbeat symphony of high violin strings.

    So powerful the way the worlds greatest director, Coppola lets the audience see the beauty and power of Jackson’s benevolent, heroic persona. At the time of this short film Jackson had broken records all over the worlds in music, television ratings and concert ticket sales. Of course Coppola being the auteur he is only lets the audience see Captain Eo from behind as he slowly rises into the spaceship, on a double edit, decked out in a one of a kind haute couture spacesuit. At 2:18 we see the The King, The Captain, the man Michael Jackson.

    His hair, makeup and energy brings tears to my eyes as the Music Man brought so much power, strength and acting chops to the role, “We’re going in” he says. It was awesome to see The King in space. Michael Jackson, a man who loved the beauty of all humanity. At 2:35 Coppola shows his brilliance again as a director by taking Jackson out of the shadow and into the light.

    At 6:20-7:20 the wide shot of Captain Eo’s cape, the moody score and the rag tag team of characters entering this dark world is awesome. Coppola films this sequence like a painting.

    I met Coppola last year in downtown Los Angeles and it was a highlight. Jackson was one of a kind.



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