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Thread: My Disney Top 5 - Things to Love About Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

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    My Disney Top 5 - Things to Love About Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

    My Disney Top 5 - Things to Love About Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin by Chris Barry

    Chris defeats Zurg as he counts down his favorite things about this Tomorrowland classic.

    Read it here!

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    Not a fan of this attraction at all. I preferred If You Had Wings.

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    I'm sure you're aware that DL's version has guns that you can take out of the socket and hold in your hand. It makes a pretty huge difference.

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    I'm still trying to beat my wife's ranking on this attraction. I'm not sure what she does exactly, but she blows my score away each and every time we ride together.
    Ummm.... Me thinks maybe she's gone over to the dark side and viewed a few YouTube clips that show what targets to aim at for the most points? Some of them are as high as 100K per hit.

    I never did that for the longest time (though I guess I heard they existed), but I actually did view one of those videos and tried to focus on some of those key targets before my last trip. I didn't get even close to Galactic Hero, but might have had over 300k. (I probably was something like the high 100K to approaching 200K if I had to guess before). Knowing what to hit alone isn't enough of course. Some of the transitions from one area/target to the next are difficult, especially with the guns mounted to the bar.

    Nice write up!

    I also agree with Dan's premise that the removable guns are a big plus for the DL version.

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    I've made L-7 with the DL guns, highest I have done at WDW is L-5. Those removable guns make a huge difference for me. One of my favorite rides, while the wife "just doesn't get it" LOL!

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