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Thread: Asian Park Tour - Christmas 2020

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    Asian Park Tour - Christmas 2020

    Looking for any tips for a trip were planning for late 2020. Will be hitting all three Asian Parks, 2 days each in Hong Kong and Shanghai, 4 days in Tokyo. We will also include one day sightseeing in each city.

    Looking to go during Christmas season, anytime early November through mid-December. Main variable on dates will be flights as well be using miles to get at least biz class. Flight will be Seattle to Hong Kong continuing to Shanghai returning to Seattle with a 5-6 day layover in Tokyo.

    Figure well want a day to rest upon arrival, maybe spend the first 2 days sightseeing followed by 2 days at HK Disneyland, castle construction has to be done by then Id think, Im sure theres no chance Frozen will be ready.

    Continuing to Shanghai pretty much same routine, 2 days park, day or two sightseeing.

    Planning to time flights so we are at Tokyo parks Monday-Thursday. Will do a full day sightseeing before or after. Any thoughts about going November/December 2020 vs May as far as the Olympics are concerned? Was thinking about delaying until Frozen, Peter Pan, etc. are done but there will always be other trips.

    Booking hotel and tickets for these parks is a bit different than Disney World. Hong Kong seems to be easiest with packages that include hotel, passes, and dining. For Shanghai and Tokyo are we best off to just book hotel and then get passes at the hotel when checking in?

    Are there reservations available for dining? Dining is a big part of the experience for us so want to make sure we dont miss out by not having reservations.

    Any advice is appreciated

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    Highly recommend for planning info. I bought the e-book and it was a big help.



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