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Thread: Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure Opening Day

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    Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure Opening Day

    Don't believe the smoke Universal is blowing and spreading in the media about how well Opening Day went for Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure. They are saying waits were up to 10 hours.

    We were there. DH and Cub got in line outside the park at 7:30 am. They were let into the park at 8 am and I joined them at 8:30. We didn't ride until after 9:00 pm that night.

    The queue was orderly and people around us were friendly. We made friends and chatted amiably throughout the day. It rained on and off lightly. Umbrellas and ponchos were deployed and put away.

    There were periods of time that the line didn't move for an hour. They had anticipated the long lines and wound us all around the park and even backstage at one point.

    We didn't get to the lockers for Hagrid's til 2 pm. If the ride didn't keep breaking down and rain and lightning hadn't caused weather delays, I would guess once inside the gate for the ride we would've been in line only 2 hours. Instead it took another 7 hours. It absolutely poured at one point. We were grateful that DH had not been with me when I put the backpack and 1 umbrella in the locker. He still had 2 with him and we needed those in the hours before we got into the castle.

    We were in the final room before loading for 2.5 hours. We were allowed to come and go for bathroom breaks and get/bring back food. On such trips it was observed to not be raining. We were on a technical breakdown hold and weren't being updated or communicated with. A looped recording telling us today's lesson had been put on hold and could it could last up to 45 minutes played several times in the first 1.5 hours. Then it stopped. Then the safety lights came on and all looped audio stopped altogether.

    It was an awful day. We are glad to have gotten to ride the attraction, but knowing what we know now, we wouldn't have waited so long. All along the way it seemed we had invested so much time that we didn't want to leave. Plus we were being told all along the way that it would only be a couple of more hours.

    The virtual queue option wasn't available on Opening Day and Hagrid's wasn't on the list as an option the next day. We went to Guest Relations on our way out of the park. We were told that since we actually got to ride the attraction nothing would be given to us as compensation for the inconvenience and time spent while they had a broken ride that obviously, in our opinion and many around us, that this attraction shouldn't have opened that day. They still had a lot of kinks to work out.

    DH just read a theme park blog post that suggested Universal created the long lines on purpose, to create the FOMO factor, to create buzz about how popular the ride is in order to drive traffic to the park and the ride. The author suggested that Universal had the virtual queue in place, operating well, for a month prior to the opening and could've utilized it to keep the crowds in the park while also spending money in shops and restaurants, but chose purposely to not use it on the perhaps the most important day.


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