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Thread: A Trip to Toontown

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    A Trip to Toontown

    A Trip to Toontown by Megan Walker

    A look at all the fun that the 'Land That Toons Built' in Disneyland has to offer.

    Read it here!

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    Not a fan. I wish they would raze it as they did at Magic Kingdom and expand wonderful Fantasyland.

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    Toontown at Disneyland hasn't aged well .... and one can easily blame the late 90's Eisner regime. It was a great area to keep promoting "Disney Afternoon", but when Team Disney ended that syndicated animation block? It's just "meh" Land.

    Spend hours in a stroller parking lot Land with crying toddlers? I don't think so! Toontown is a wham-bam-done (go on Rodger Rabbit Cartoon Spin, then get out of there)!

    If the newest Ride featuring Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse finally debuts? I say merge that half of it into Fantasyland, then use the other have to expand Star Wars Land (newest area definitely needs needs more for Park Guests to do).



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