Travel dates: February 26 – March 2, 2019
Travel method: Southwest
Resort: Camelot Inn (Off-site)
Accommodations: Standard
Ages Represented in Group: Adult
Disney Resort Experience Represented in Group: Veteran
Comments: A last trip to the Resort before James' AP expires!
Cast of characters:
  • Pam, 58: trip planner/writer/self-proclaimed Disney Queen!
  • James, 59: Pam's hubby who likes Disneyland but is not as fanatic as Pam!

The Planning

I asked James last summer if he would like to make another trip to the Disneyland Resort before his AP expires on April 24th and he said yes, so we came up with February 26th – March 2nd and I started the planning!

Lodging: I booked a One-Bedroom Family Suite in August at the Camelot Inn on Harbor Blvd. (a less than 10-minute walk from the parks; total for 4 nights = $985); our sleeping habits are so different nowadays that this arrangement works very well for us (James could stay up as late as he needed to and I wouldn't disturb him when I left early for the parks each morning!), although it is a lot more expensive. 

Transportation: I booked airfare on Southwest Airlines from Sacramento to Orange County for both of us using points at the equivalent cost of $118 each; the total TSA fees & Early-Bird option for all flights came to $102.40 (without points the total cash cost would have been $316).

I also made reservations with SuperShuttle for travel to/from our motel in Anaheim ($45 total after the 10% AAA group discount was applied).

Tickets: James' Deluxe AP + MaxPass expires in April, but mine expires 2 days before we depart on the trip; fortunately, I had purchased another Deluxe AP with MaxPass on the Disneyland website back in October 2018 BEFORE the latest price increase ($804; it just needs to be activated by 10-13-19).

Priority Seating: I made three dining reservations for our visit; the rest will be counter-service:
  • February 28: Blue Bayou @ 11:30am & World of Color Dessert Party @ 7:15pm (me only; I will pick up a FastPass for James)
  • March 1: Carnation Cafe @ 3:50pm (during the parade)

The Itinerary

The pre-planning was done very quickly, and here was the result:
  • February 26: Fly down in the afternoon; check-in to the Camelot Inn; Disneyland/DCA
  • February 27: Disneyland/DCA
  • February 28: Disneyland/DCA; lunch @ Blue Bayou & World of Color Dessert Party
  • March 1: Disneyland/DCA; late lunch @ Carnation Cafe
  • March 2: Check-out of the Camelot Inn; fly home in the afternoon

Monday, February 25, 2019 (1 day before departure)

Actual: I worked all day and went to Arby's at lunch to pick up some roast beef sandwiches, one of which I planned to eat tomorrow for lunch. I then printed off our Early-Bird boarding passes at 3:40pm (A40 & A41) and later stopped at Subway on my way home to get James his veggie foot-long sandwich for tomorrow.

We spent the evening getting ready (last-minute house cleaning & packing) & watching a little TV, and I was in bed around 10pm; James fell asleep much later than that as usual!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 (65o)
Plan: Fly down in the afternoon; check-in to the Camelot Inn; Disneyland/DCA

  • I was up at 7am, fed & medicated our kitty Sidney, and worked until 11:15am
  • I finished getting the house ready, ate an Arby's sandwich for lunch, & James got up around 12:30pm
  • Left house @1:40pm; Highway 99 was backed up (rainy day), so we detoured off at Fruitridge over to I-5 (no problems after that!)
  • James dropped me & most of the bags off at the terminal around 2:20pm since it was raining, and then went to park the car
  • I checked in our large suitcase (31.5#) & sat down to wait for James
  • Met up at 2:45pm & through pre-TSA very quickly
  • James ate remainder of his Subway sandwich while I filled our reusable water bottle & ate a small bag of Lay's potato chips that I had brought with us
  • Our plane was late coming in and we departed 15mins late just before 4pm; the plane was completely full
  • I had Diet Dr. Pepper & pretzels and James had ginger ale & pretzels
  • Landed 10mins late @ 5:15pm
  • We retrieved our suitcase and walked down to check-in at SuperShuttle; we had to wait for a van and finally left @ 6pm
  • There was heavy commute traffic and we were the 2nd party to be dropped off around 6:40pm
  • Checked in to the Camelot Inn and got our room #512 (near the pool; not too happy about THAT possibly noisy location!)
  • Left around 7:15pm & walked down Harbor to The Pizza Press; I got in the long line while James went on down to CVS @ Katella
  • CVS = 2 gallons of water & cough syrup = $11.16
  • I was still in line when James came back (but almost to the front of the line)
  • The Pizza Press @ 7:45pm = "The Press Cheese", "Publish Your Own", & soda = $27
  • Ate half of our pizzas and walked back to the room (decided to skip DL since they were closing in less than an hour and my new pass still needed to be activated)
  • Unpacked, watched TV, got settled, I showered and was in bed at 10:30pm

Steps: 8,933

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 (65o)
Plan: Disneyland/DCA

  • I was up at 7am; had a protein shake & a slice of my leftover pizza; got ready; out the door just after 8am
  • Saw the new security gates (new since I was here a month ago); no wait
  • No wait to activate my new Deluxe AP
  • In long line for Disney California Adventure by 8:20am; through the turnstiles by 8:35am (early entry here today; also very busy due to people wanting to get Fastpasses for World of Color, which had just returned from refurbishment 10 days earlier)
  • MaxPass for Radiator Springs Racers @ 8:35am = 10:55am (next MP = 10:05am)
  • Rope drop at 9am
  • World of Color FastPass @ 9:10am (8:15pm = "blue") just in case!
  • Walked over to Toy Story Midway Mania, where the standby wait was already 50mins, so I kept walking
  • Jumpin' Jellyfish = 5mins
  • The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure = 5mins
  • Seaside Souvenirs @ 9:40am = Ariel sleeveless top = $33.93 (10% AP discount)
  • Walked back to the area outside Elias & Co. and called the Disney Dine Line, trying to change my World of Color Dessert Party reservation from tomorrow to today, if possible; 15min hold time, but no openings so kept things as-is
  • MP for Soarin' Around the World @ 10:10am = 11:15am (next = 11:15am)
  • Ate P3 snack that I had brought with me
  • DCA small locker @ 10:25am = $7
  • Goofy Churro @ 10:45am = Mickey birthday celebration chocolate churro = $5.75
  • RSR with MP @ 11am

  • MP for Guardians of the Galaxy ~ Mission: BREAKOUT! @ 11:20am = 2:50pm (next = 12:50pm)
  • Soarin' MP return line = too long so skipped!
  • Schmoozies @ 11:35am = 90th birthday cookies & cream shake = $6.45

  • Frozen @ 12pm (started 20mins late due to technical difficulties)

  • MP for RSR @ 1:20pm = 2:45pm (next = 2:45pm)
  • Long line for Award Wieners @ 1:40pm, so I used the Mobile Order on the app which is MUCH faster = hot dog, fries, & large soda = $12.29 (10% AP discount)
  • James called at 2:05pm while I was finishing eating; on his way
  • Met up at 2:25pm and went to Turtle Talk with Crush @ 2:30pm
  • MP for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters @ 2:50pm = 3:15pm (next = 3:25pm)
  • Guardians with MP @ 3pm while James looked around the stores; only one lift working so long wait!

  • MP for Haunted Mansion @ 3:25pm = 3:30pm (next= 3:55pm)
  • Met back up with James just before 4pm and headed over to DL
  • Buzz with MP @ 4:10pm [J = 682,300 (#39) & P = 265,000]

  • MP for Star Tours @ 4:10pm = 5:25pm (next = 5:25pm)
  • Photos in front of the Partners statue

  • Got return time for Indiana Jones Adventure @ 4:30pm = 5pm
  • HM with MP @ 4:35pm via disabled entrance
  • Harbour Galley @ 4:50pm = shrimp salad & large Coke Zero = $14.72 (10% AP discount)
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (5mins)
  • MP for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad @ 5:25pm = 7:30pm (next = 7pm)
  • Indy via disabled entrance @ 5:30pm
  • Jungle Cruise via exit with Skipper Bonnie (Congo Queen)
  • Got return time for Peter Pan's Flight @ 6:20pm = 6:50pm
  • ST with MP @ 6:25pm (Stormtroopers, Jakku, BB8, & Crait/Bakku)
  • Looked through Star Traders & the Little Green Men stores
  • MP for Buzz @ 7pm = 7:15pm (next = 7:30pm)
  • Peter Pan via exit @ 7:05pm
  • Mr. Toad's Wild Ride via exit (Cyril)
  • Got return time for Alice in Wonderland @ 7:15pm = 7:35pm
  • Pinocchio's Daring Journey via exit
  • BTMR with MP @ 7:30pm
  • Alice @ 7:45pm
  • Buzz with MP @ 8pm [J = 627,700 (#76) & P = 166,000]
  • Mickey's Mix Magic @ 8:30pm and then left the park
  • McDonald's @ 8:55pm = BOGO Grilled Artisan Chicken sandwiches & 2 double hamburgers = $10.10
  • Back to room @ 9pm
  • Watched finale of "The Masked Singer" (Donny should have won!)
  • Updated trip notes, I showered and was in bed around 11:30pm (James = 1am)

Steps: 23,535 be continued