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Thread: The Disney Parks Time Machine Part 1: Disneyland's First Christmas

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    The Disney Parks Time Machine Part 1: Disneyland's First Christmas

    Seems like a good place to put this: Using LA Times ads, and other online resources - What you might have experianced had you visited during a Disney Parks Special or Seasonal Event. Starting back with Disneyland's first year and going forward - First Up:

    Christmas Festival At Disneyland
    Nov. 24th (Thanksgiving Day) 1955 - January 8, 1956

    The main attraction for Disneyland's First Christmas Season was The Mickey Mouse Club Circus, featuring Jimme Dodd as Ringmaster, along with Prof. Keller and His Feline Fantastics! The Original Mousekateers were there too, inside the "Largest Striped Circus Tent Ever Made"

    The 75-minute circus program three times a day during the week (save most Mondays, Disneyland's "Dark Day" in 1956-56), and four shows on weekends and holidays, promised the following; Trained Seals, Camels, Llamas, Baby Elephants, Ponies, Dogs, Horses, Death-Defying Aerial Acts, Clowns, Equestrians, Serenado The Wonder Horse, and Bob-O, The Disneyland Clown!

    A reserved seat cost you $1, or 50 cents to sit in the bleachers.

    Along with the circus, a "Santa Claus Parade" with an All-Clown Band marched along the parade route twice a day. A "Christmas Bowl" (fashioned after The Hollywood Bowl) had performances from church and school choral groups representing the Western States. Decorations and lights everywhere. Even the Mark Twain has it's own Christmas Tree in 1955.

    A $2.50 adult price, and $1.50 for small humans 12 and under, got you an admission, and an 8 ride ticket book.

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