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Thread: Countdown to the Magic! - Part 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by daisyd0 View Post
    85, I get to go back in May!
    Nice! This was a crazy busy trip. We concentrated solely on getting to do ROTR at least twice and that's what we did. Got one smuggling run with some completely incompetent pilots but it was still fun. Ran a Slinky once too. Feels like heresy, but we didn't get over to MK once on this short trip.

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    Thats our plan for May. HS for ROTR with park hoppers if we dont get a boarding group. Didnt get to HS this past visit because the day we allotted for it was raining and we didnt feel like standing outside the park for over an hour in the rain.

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    Get to HS way early. If they open at 8, be there at 615. That way you can get into the park at the front of the pack and be near the front of the line for either Smuggler or Slinky. Be ready to go when they open for boarding groups. They are literally gone in one minute. I got group 45 five seconds after 8am on Monday, Joey got 58 not much later on Tuesday this week. Have everyone in your party try to get a boarding group and don't rely on one person. Also don't rely on the wireless. Mix between 4G and wireless. No exaggeration, it really is that important.



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