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Thread: Disney + Wish List

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    Disney + Wish List

    Yes, Mid-Novembet is still many moons away. It's been said publicly that all Walt Disney Productions/Pictues films EXCEPT "Song of The South" will be available on the Disney + Launch Date. So here is what I'm hoping for on the TV series side:

    The ENTIRE Seaons of:
    Walt Disney Presents
    The Wonderful World Of Color
    The Wonderful World Of Disney
    ALL Eposides and versions of The Mickey Mouse Club
    The Mouse Factory
    Herbie The Love Bug (5 episodes from 1982)
    Small and Frye (Half Hour 6 Episode Fantasy Comedy)
    Gun Shy (6 Episode Comedy paired with "Small And Frye" - TV Verision of The Apple Dumpling Gang)
    ALL Early Disney Channel Series (although Music Rights or lack thereof may keep "Videopolis" and "DTV" in the vault)
    The Wuzzles
    Gummi Bears
    Duck Tales
    Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers
    Darkwing Duck
    Goof Troup
    Little Mermaid TV Series
    Raw Toonage
    Quack Attack
    Aladdin TV Series
    Last but not least....Gargoyles!!!!

    Have I missed any?

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    For the most part, I would concur.
    Im mainly hoping for Disney Channel stuff from the mid-late 90's and the stuff that aired on prime time TV back in the 70's timeframe.

    And of course... Vault Disney type of classics.

    I think we may be surprised what they may have online. (In a positive way.)

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    An interview I saw with Iger said that everything that Disney has ever done will be available. The exceptions will be Song of the South and the When I See an Elephant Fly song from Dumbo. Personally I wish they would do what Warner Bros did and release EVERYTHING with the explination that this was a product of the time. Warner Bros has a disclaimer with Whoopie Goldberg explaining this at the beginning of their "controversial" pieces.

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    I think what they have actually said is that the entire library will be available to Disney+, but not that everything will always be available at once. Don't expect absolutely every movie that Disney ever did to be available from day one. My guess is that they will rotate the available programming from time to time in order to help provide a bit more of an incentive for people to remain subscribers.

    Also, I'm pretty sure that there hasn't been any official statement one way or the other about "Song of the South", although I doubt it will be available, at least right away. I'm sure they will continue to gauge the market and see whether or not it becomes feasible to offer it at some point, perhaps with an introduction designed to put it in context.

    I expect that "Dumbo" will be completely intact, assuming it is available. I've seen some speculation about the crows being edited from the film, but I think that is just a misinterpretation of discussions about the decision to leave them out of the remake. Every previous release of the film has included the scene and it isn't like it just suddenly became controversial.

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