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Thread: The Best Thing I Ever Ate at Epcot

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    The Best Thing I Ever Ate at Epcot

    The Best Thing I Ever Ate at Epcot by Roan Poulter

    Restaurant review of Epcot

    Read it here!

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    Modesto (Waterford), California a good article.

    It's been a while since I've been to WDW/Epcot, but I'll throw my Topps in.

    Best Dessert:Chocolate&Caramel covered Marshmallow in Germany - but if you go back far enough, it would be the Chocolate/Maple Beaver Tails in Canada

    Best Atmosphere: Biergarten is SO festive! Gotta be that one.

    Best Drink: I don't do alcohol, so I'll go with Smart Watermelon soda at Club Cool (Hoping rumors aren't true about it turning into a Beer Gardens. We have enough drunks at Epcot as it is.)

    Best CS Apptzr: Does the Funnel Cake at USA count?

    Best CS Entree': Definitely the Lamb gyro at Tangierine Cafe'

    Best TS Apptzr: Without question, anything from the cold table at Akershus. Cheese, smoked salmon, blackened makerel....

    Best TS Entree': Scallops at Teppen Edo. Done just right!

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