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Thread: Disney Parks Updates Stroller Policy Effective May 1, 2019

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    Disney Parks Updates Stroller Policy Effective May 1, 2019

    Disney Parks Updates Stroller Policy Effective May 1, 2019 by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix

    New rule limits stroller size and bans popular stroller wagons

    Read it here!

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    I am glad to see that there will be clearer (and hopefully consistently enforced) policies regarding strollers.

    When my kids were little, we would sometimes go to DCA with a friend whose double stroller was too wide to fit through the handicapped gates, so they would have to get their tickets scanned, then go to the overflow/exit gate and wait for a CM to unlock it and allow them through. I often wondered why they kept using that particular stroller, but I suppose you use what you have and it just became part of their routine. I'm glad that strollers that can't easily fit through the wheelchair entrances will not be allowed into the parks.

    More recently, I was behind a family of 5 which based on their interactions appeared to be a young married couple, a younger but (probably) adult male sibling, and two rather small and rambunctious boys. We were waiting for about 1/2 hour to get to the front of the security checkpoint on Harbor and it was clear that dad just wanted to go back to the hotel room alone while mom didn't want to be in the park with two little kids without his help. Mom was trying to keep both boys in the radio flyer style wagon they had with them. I opted to pick a different line when it finally split, but was not surprised when I heard the CM telling them after they finally reached the front that the wagon was not allowed in the park/past the security checkpoint. It was probably too late at night for renting a stroller to make sense and while I couldn't hear the entire conversation, I am pretty sure that they were not given the option at that point to gate-check. I felt so bad for them (if they hadn't already been having their own drama, I probably would have warned them that the wagon wasn't allowed - although at that point I had seen so many of the push wagons in the park that I wasn't 100% sure what the current rules were). I know that they are trying to add more security checkpoints and expanding the security radius makes it easier to go back to your car with contraband items but as long as lines are long I hope that they will continue to have a CM or two roaming the lines and looking for potentially oversized strollers/wagons so that they can be warned away before they get to the front.

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    Obviously this is the "trend" when it comes to strollers. The first time I saw one in DL I had to do a double take because I knew wagons were not allowed. I looked them up later and found the word stroller was slapped in front of it. So I assumed from seeing that, that those using them assumed it was ok because it had the word stroller attached to it. They have been annoying in the parks from the get go for sure. Oversized strollers always were as well. I know when my kids were little we used a regular normal sized Graco stroller. Nothing fancy or anything else. When our youngest was in one, the trend was the overpriced and oversized strollers. Yet we stayed with the Graco normal sized one. It was easy in and out of places, easy to load and unload on trams, etc. As well as we never once over packed like so many seem to do. Once our kids each hit certain ages we stopped bringing our own strollers. If they got tired of walking we would go rent one and at some point we wouldn't need one at all. I also used the diaper bag as a purse since I never wanted to carry around 2 bags. Made life so much easier. LOL Anyway, I hope Disney will enforce the rules here and not let some of the guests push back in trying to get away with bringing the oversized or wagons in.

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