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Thread: My Disney Top 5 - Things for Grown-ups to do at Walt Disney World

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    My Disney Top 5 - Things for Grown-ups to do at Walt Disney World

    My Disney Top 5 - Things for Grown-ups to do at Walt Disney World by Chris Barry

    Chris counts down the best things for the 'adult kids' to do at Walt Disney World

    Read it here!

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    Excellent article! Most of these points also apply to a single park stormer like myself. I don't find a lot of romance in WDW, but everything else works - doing what you want when you want, enjoying the adult beverages, eating at the nice restaurants, and just generally taking my time, not rushing from one thing to the next. Maybe I'll get lucky someday and be able to enjoy WDW as part of a couple. In the meantime, travelling single can be load of fun!


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    We went to Monsieur Paul a couple years ago, and we loved it. Looking forward to going again sometime in the future.

    On the list of adult dining, I would highly recommend Flying Fish at the Boardwalk resort. We used to love the chef's counter dining and have done it a few times, but it wasn't available on our last visit, and I'm not sure if they've brought it back. But even without that, the menu and drink selection and staff are amazing.

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    Over the years, we have traveled with other families - sometimes with kids, sometimes not - or have taken a grandchild. But we have gone more times as a couple, perhaps meeting other friends for part or all of the trip. All of our children are grown so they can, if they wish, go on their own and take their own kids. My wife and I have been to WDW more times without others than with others. It is always a good time. We always meet some nice people in lines, enjoy some favorite rides or shows. We can get up when we want and when we are tired (wet or cold) we can head back to the resort or just sit on a bench and people watch. A brief or not so brief stop or duck into a show can hit the spot. Soon we will be headed to WDW for trip 24 since 2005 (Katrina for those who remember) and to celebrate living to age 75. Dining, sometimes at odd hours, or a special meal. And yes, there is romance as well. Going as adults is great. Hint: it is cheaper to bring back souvenirs than to take the grandkids. Enjoy the golden years while you can.



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