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Thread: Sue (Holland) Rayford, March 8-10, 2019 - Beach Club Villas

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    Sue (Holland) Rayford, March 8-10, 2019 - Beach Club Villas


    Who: Sue (60), DVC Member
    Amanda (30), Daughter-in-Law
    Ari (2.5), Grandson
    Dates: March 8 11, 2019
    Resort: Disneys Beach Club Villas Resort (BCV)
    Experience: Very Experienced 46th stay at BCV

    In order to allow vacation days for three HAL cruises in 2019, my WDW trips will be mostly 3-night weekends this year. Living in Florida gives me the freedom to make frequent shorter trips, which is a big benefit of living here! I get my Disney time and also my HAL time. Having grandson Ari growing up at WDW is a plus too, and this trip he & his mom (Amanda) will be joining me. His dad (Chris) snores, so hell stay home the snoring is a deal breaker for me. Thats part of the reason I always book them their own room, besides my opinion that 3 adults and a kid are just too much in a studio.

    Ill leave about noon and should arrive just after 2pm. My last (and final) reconstructive surgery was 2 weeks ago, so technically Im still on a 5-pound lifting restriction the first day. Even right after that, its probably not advisable to be picking up a 30-pound grandson, which is a shame. For my luggage Ill either use bell services, or if my studio is ready before I arrive, I may carry the stuff in over multiple tripsavoiding having to go over to the main resort to drop off the suitcase.

    Amanda and Ari will probably have to wait until she gets off work, and may not arrive until after 8pm. I booked some Fastpasses at Epcot for Friday, since I can just wander in and will want to check out the flowers and food kiosks for the festival. Saturday morning we will head to Animal Kingdom for the safari. I also booked Navi boat ride instead of Flight of Passage since thats something Ari can do. Sunday morning will hopefully be pool time, and I have a Slinky Dog fastpass later in the afternoon. I think Amanda & Ari will enjoy the pool, then head home.

    We made no dining reservations, as theres really no need for us. There are many quick service options, and were both interested in the Flower & Garden Festival kiosks, so there wasnt any point in a sit-down restaurant this trip. Its a short trip, but itll be fun!

    The plans so far are:
    Friday 3/8: Drive to WDW, Epcot
    Saturday 3/9: Animal Kingdom, Epcot
    Sunday 3/10: Pool, Hollywood Studios
    Monday 3/11: Drive to Gainesville

    DAY 1 Friday 3/8/19
    Who: Sue (60), DVC Member
    Amanda (30), Daughter-in-Law
    Ari (2.5), Grandson

    Plan: Drive to WDW, Epcot

    Actual: The half work day went by quickly, and unfortunately SBs car wasnt ready. It died on the way to my surgery 2 weeks ago, and theyre still trying to find & fix the problem its been an ordeal. Very nice friends of ours are giving him the keys to one of their cars since theyre going away this weekend.

    I arrived around 2:15 and the room was not quite ready according to the email. I parked in the Villas parking lot, left my stuff in the car and went into the building. While driving I realized Id left all my magic bands at home, so I told the cast member in the Villas and he directed me to the front desk in the main resort. Over there they checked and verified the studio was not ready yet, but called to let housekeeping know I was there (so theyd get to it sooner rather than later). They also issued me a new magic band I also got one for Ari in a color I havent seen him with before.

    My fastpasses were at 3:00 and 4:05, with the intent to use them just before and just after 4. Without a studio though, I decided to walk over to Epcot now and do the first one (Living with the Land). Epcot was definitely busier than normal, due to the festival. I saw lots of people carrying those Orange Bird sippy cups and was surprised by how small they are. I guess for the price I was expecting something bigger, but this is Disney so silly me.

    Living with the Land had a 20-minute standby wait, and it took 5-10 minutes with fastpass. It was a nice ride, but the boat seemed to be moving slower than usual. Afterwards I walked back to World Showcase in search of food. I ended up at the stand in France, where I ordered the onion & goat cheese tart and the chilled cucumber soup. While in line I met a nice couple who are trip report readers they got the chocolate macaroon lollipop and I imagine that was the best of the 3 items we bought.

    I took my food over to a table, and the tarte was just barely ok nothing special at all and not worth repeating. I also didnt really see how it was worth $5.50. The chilled cucumber soup was a little better, but not by much. Needless to say, I wont need to repeat either of these.

    After lunch I walked back to the resort, arriving about 4pm. I went to the front desk and waited in line, then politely told the cast member I was very frustrated due to doing online check-in to say Id arrive around 1:30, actually arriving just after 2, the cast member at the next station notifying housekeeping then that I was here waiting, and now its 4pm and still no room. She was sympathetic and apologetic, and offered to call to check on it. She also said she was going to put a credit on my account for the frustration & delay, which I didnt expect. I figured they might mention giving extra fastpasses, which we wouldnt really be able to use tonight anyway, but the credit perked me right up, lol! Just then she got a notification that the room was ready, but she still gave me the credit very nice customer service!

    I made a couple trips to the car and carried my stuff in. I purposely used a small duffel bag and then a couple even smaller bags, so the load would be much lighter than with the regular suitcase. I dont mind making multiple trips a few more steps never hurt anyone. Once I was settled into the studio I chatted online with a friend, got an update on Amandas progress, and decided to skip my Soarin fastpass. Its not like I havent done it many times before and Ill be doing it again next month and early May.

    Just after 5 I walked back over to Epcot and headed to America for the 5:30 concert. Tonights the last night of the lead singer from Journey, who Ive never seen before. The theater was filled to capacity, so I stood outside and only had about a 5-minute wait for the show to start. I recognized most but not all of the songs, and enjoyed the ones I recognized.

    I wandered around during part of the concert, and noticed the festival spirit jerseys. Unfortunately, I didnt love either of them, and also didnt need another shirt. I checked out the wine in Germany & Italy, opposed in principle to a 3-ounce pour costing more than what a real glass of wine costs in many restaurants, but I ended up buying a pinot grigio at the bargain price of $7.50 in Italy. I took it outside to the seating area behind American Adventure and listened to the rest of the concert. Amanda texted to say she feels a cold coming on, and I hope shes wrong but its not likely. Hopefully she will be able to enjoy the trip, and neither Ari nor I catch it.

    Once the wine was gone I walked back to Beach Club Villas and hung out in the studio to wait for Amanda & Ari to arrive. That way I was able to catch up on some email and bring the report up to date. Trying to do a whole day (even when its a half-day) before bed is just too difficult.

    Something unusual about the studio there are no paper plates & bowls. Instead, there are several of the same plates/bowls youd find in a 1-bedroom villa or larger (real stuff). The coffee mugs are back (no paper/Styrofoam). Maybe this is part of the going green thing? Amanda texted when she stopped to buy NyQuil, and was only a couple exits away. Unfortunately, there was an accident that created some traffic. I opened the Star Wars Cheez-Its Id brought for Ari, and they were surprisingly delicious!

    Soon Amanda texted to say they were here, so I went downstairs and met them near the parking lot. Ari was so cute pulling his own new Cars suitcase, lol! Last weekend Amanda told him to pack his suitcase for the trip, and he put a bunch of little cars and a ball in there Amanda later replaced those with clothes and the things hed really need <g>.

    We got their stuff into the room, and soon headed out to Epcot. The park was less busy than it was earlier, but still had quite a few people. We went straight into Future World, where we were already in our fastpass window. Our fastpass was 8:30 at Spaceship Earth, and by then there wasnt any standby wait either. We were on in no time, and enjoyed the ride. We let Ari pick the answers to the questions at the end, to get a random future. After the ride the fireworks were starting, so the park (and food kiosks) were closed. Id brought Ari a light-up shamrock necklace, so he enjoyed that. It can stay lit or flash I figured it would be fun in the dark, and St Patricks Day is not far away. We went over to Mouse Gear, where Amanda bought a few things, and we got our passholder magnets with no wait.

    Since nothing else was open we headed back to the resort, stopping in Beach Club Marketplace to get some milk for Ari before returning to the room. Ari facetimed with his dad, drank his milk, then had his bath. He joined me up on my bed for a bit, where I set some jigsaw puzzles to 20 pieces and made them with him. It was 10:30 before he was finally in his bed, which has Donald Duck on the wall.

    I hurried to finish up the report so I could turn out the light, hoping hed settle down faster. Today was a great start to the trip, and perfect weather! Its nice having Amanda & Ari join me, too. Tomorrow we head to Animal Kingdom in the morning, then will be back in Epcot for the second half of the day.

    DAY 2 Saturday 3/9/19
    Who: Sue (60), DVC Member
    Amanda (30), Daughter-in-Law
    Ari (2.5), Grandson

    Plan: Animal Kingdom, Epcot

    Actual: I slept really well, enjoying a nice quiet room and very comfortable bed. Once we turned out the light Ari dozed off very quickly. Amanda has a sleep mask, so the light from my laptop wont bother her. I got up between 4:30 and 5, and had brought my electric hot pot from home & filled it with water last night. I havent used it in years, but I tested it yesterday and its much quieter than running water through the coffee maker so I brought it along on this trip. I was able to make my cappuccino without making a bunch of noise to disturb the others. I enjoyed my cappuccino in bed, doing online stuff.

    The others were up fairly early, so I took my shower then and afterwards started making breakfast while Amanda took a quick shower. We each had an egg (cooked one at a time in the microwave cooker), Ari had a sausage and Amanda & I each had a slice of bacon. Ari didnt finish his, so Amanda put it in the tray on his stroller and we headed for the bus stop. We had just missed the bus to Animal Kingdom, so it was probably 20 minutes or so until the next one came. That gave Ari time to finally finish his cold egg and some of the sausage.

    Animal Kingdom had morning extra magic hours today, so the park was open when we got there. Non-resort guests were being held on the right side, and the resort guests were free to go into the park from the left side. Coming in we stopped to see the kangaroo that were out in front of the Tree of Life wed never seen them before. Our first fastpass was for the safari at 9:25, but the standby wait was posted as 15 minutes so we just did it that way. Before 9 they dont have any fastpasses, so there was nothing to slow us down we basically walked right onto the ride.

    It was a great safari, where we saw lots of lions, a very close walking cheetah, 2 baby giraffe eating together, the baby rhino, and the other usual suspects. We were finished before our fastpass window, and I had no success with getting the foolish app to work to switch our safari fastpass to something else. It turns out we didnt need to bother, as the park wasnt busy just yet.

    We walked over to Dinoland and had a 10-minute wait to ride Triceratops Spin (Dino Dumbo). Ari enjoys this ride, for whatever reason. I think he likes being in control of a lever, regardless of what it does, lol! After this we walked over to Asia and did the trek. Most of the tigers were hiding, but we managed to see a couple sleeping in the shade. By now it was almost time for our 10:25 fastpass for Navi River Ride, so we walked over to Pandora. The standby wait was 80 minutes, but we got on very quickly with the fastpass. The boat ride seemed longer than either of us remembered, and wed each only ridden it once before. Its a cute enough ride, but certainly not worth an 80-minute wait! I didnt notice what the wait was for Flight of Passage.

    We finished up just after 10:30 and decided to get an early lunch. Flame Tree Barbecue always used to open at 10:30, so the plan was for me to head there to get mine and Aris lunches, while Amanda got the buffalo chicken chips she likes from a stand near DinoLand. Unfortunately, both places didnt open until 11, so we each waited at our respective venue. People at Flame Tree started going through the line and standing by the registers, so I got up and stood in the queue for 15 minutes until they opened. By then, the entire queue area was completely filled with people it was nuts!

    We both got our food quickly at 11, and met up at a table by the water. Ari had the kids hot dog, and eventually ate it all. He was more interested in playing with it at first. I got the Smokehouse Chicken Salad, which is a new menu item, and it was outstanding!! I loved this, and ate most of it it was too big to eat it all. Id definitely get it again. Amanda enjoyed her chips, but couldnt finish them. After disposing of our trash we walked over to meet Mickey & Minnie at the Character Outpost, which was our final fastpass.

    They must have made character swap just before us, so the wait was a little bit longer but not bad. When we came in, both Mickey & Minnie had their eyes covered, playing peek-a-boo with us. Ari was happy to see them both, and gave them each a couple big hugs before and after posing for pictures with them. Once we got outside Amanda told me Aris school/daycare asked for a family photo from each kid, and the one they sent was one with Chris, Amanda, Ari, Mickey & Minnie, lol! Its actually very appropriate for this kid.

    We headed out of the park, and started to wait for our bus. When the Boardwalk/Swan/Dolphin bus came at the next station we moved over there. Even with a bus driver change and the new driver walking through the bus giving stickers to every kid on board, our resorts bus still hadnt arrived by the time we pulled out. We got off at Boardwalk, and decided to walk around the lake and stop to see my friend Bill over at Yacht Club. Ari was tired, in need of a nap, and had a hissy fit when we got out to the boardwalk because Amanda wouldnt let him push the stroller (he cant see over it, and he wont let her have her hands on it). He crossed his arms & pouted, and didnt want to come to us and even turned and started walking away like was running away from home, lol! The lady at the dvc kiosk had witnessed all this and had a roll of stickers in her hand we gave her the go-ahead to offer them to Ari and he was all smiles again. We put him in the stroller for the rest of the way.

    We stopped at the Yacht Club Marina and chatted with Bill for a bit. He made Ari Captain of the Day, which includes a free boat rental. Ari had such fun sitting in the little boat on the pavement, wearing a captains hat & pretending to drive. He thought that was the boat wed be taking, but we needed to use a boat that was in the water <g>. We got life jackets, signed the waivers, and were given a pontoon boat. The other cast member gave us a quick driving lesson, while standing on the dock. I drove first, and managed to back the boat up and away from the dock without hitting anything. We had fun sailing around the area, going down to Hollywood Studios and then around Crescent Lake. After a while Amanda drove, and was the one to eventually have to dock the boat. Its harder than the captains make it look!

    We had a great time, and really appreciate the opportunity to make a special memory with Ari. Amanda texted Chris, who I guess was pretty jealous, lol! I think the last time I had a rental pontoon boat was the trip where Chris turned 2 years old, over on Bay Lake & Seven Seas Lagoon.

    It was now past naptime, so we went up to the studio. Amanda struggled to get Ari to go to sleep (she needed a nap too), and finally he conked out they napped together on the sleep sofa. I used the time to update the report and relax. I checked Epcot fastpasses and was able to book us for the Character Spot at 6pm tonight, so Ari will get to meet his buddies again. I poured a glass of wine and ate some Cheez-Its since I was hungry for some reason. Amanda & Ari woke up just before 4 and we headed over to Epcot.

    It was very busy in the park, and most of the food kiosks had long lines. None of them have registers on both ends, like during Food & Wine, and some of them could really use the extra registers. We made a loop, starting with France. With the long lines I dont think we got anything to eat on this loop. As we approached Germany we saw the bridge was up, so we waited along the edge of the lake in Germany rather than standing in the crowd of people. One the earth and 4 fireworks barges came out, the bridge lowered and we waited for the crowd to thin out before we continued.

    There was no line at Pineapple Promenade, so Amanda got the frozen violet lemonade she loves. Ari ate quite a bit of it, too. She & I were both interested in the citrus chicken, but the line at that stand was always ridiculously long since they sell the orange bird cups there. Neither of us were willing to wait in the line. We were on our way to the playground, but stopped at the Honey Bee-Stro. Amanda and I shared the tandoori chicken flatbread, which was pretty good. I also got a glass of the orange blossom honey wine to share, but it was too sweet for me so Amanda drank it.

    We walked across the way to the playground, where Ari had a great time running around and playing with all the different stuff. There were many places to make music, and some spots to do some climbing or balancing. After a while we dragged him out of there and went through the butterfly tent, which was disappointing. I saw very few butterflies, but lots of people. I guess its possible the butterflies are smart enough to go into hiding with hordes of people coming through <g>.

    Next we went to our Character Spot fastpass, but according to our magic bands we didnt have one. The cast member asked me to pull it up on the app, and luckily the app actually worked this time. Once she saw we really did have fastpasses, she let us in. Ari enjoyed meeting Mickey, Goofy, and then his favorite (right now) Minnie. He gave Minnie a kiss on her nose before leaving.

    We walked back out to Future World, stopping in the old Odyssey and picking up something in First Aid for Amandas headache. After getting Ari an ear of street corn from Trowel & Trellis, which he loved. He ate every bite of it! We started another loop in the same direction, this time stopping in America since the Glass Tiger was just starting. Shockingly, there were plenty of empty seats so we parked the stroller and went into the theater.

    One of the songs was familiar to both of us, and their music was good but I learned they are a group from the 80s (Im more familiar with the 60s & 70s). We left shortly before it ended and stood in a long line at Italy for some food. Amanda got the tri color tortellini for Ari and he ate it all. I got the zeppole, which we all shared. Ari gobbled his up, loving it! We all thought they were great.

    We continued into Germany and watched the trains for a while, and then decided wed had enough. Ari is a great kid but he had several episodes of misbehavior today, so getting back and into bed at a more reasonable hour tonight made sense. Hed already lost any tv privilege tonight. We stopped in America on the way out, and I got the warm chocolate cake we all shared it and loved it. After that we left the park and returned to the resort.

    We stopped in Beach Club Marketplace, where Amanda got herself the kids pizza meal and a pair of hard boiled eggs for Ari. While she waited for her pizza, I took Ari & the rest of the stuff up to the studio. He ate one of the eggs tonight, and after Amanda ate she gave him his bath. I talked with SB and filled him in on our fun today, and everyone was in their beds by about 9pm. Fortunately my laptop screen give me enough light to see the keyboard, since turning out the light in the room was the key to Ari finally laying down and going to sleep. With the light on he was looking at the wall behind his bed (Donald Duck I think), his toys, etc.

    Despite some challenges from a certain 2-year old, today was a great day. We all had a great time, and Ari loved his first time out in a boat. It was so nice of Bill to arrange that. We had perfect weather once again, and although it may not sound like we did a lot in either park, Ill take quality over quantity every time!

    Tonight we lose an hour, which I never like. But, were planning to go to Stormalong Bay for the morning, so no need to be up early to rush off anywhere. Amanda and Ari will likely head home after that, so the drive will coincide with his nap. I have a Slinky Dog fastpass and then will spend some time at Epcot boy this trip is short!

    DAY 3 Sunday 3/10/19
    Who: Sue (60), DVC Member
    Amanda (30), Daughter-in-Law
    Ari (2.5), Grandson

    Plan: Pool, Hollywood Studios

    Actual: I slept really well again it was a good move to put the electronics away at 10pm & go to sleep, since we lost an hour last night. I got up just before 6, which was just before 5 without the time change. I quietly made my cappuccino and brought it back to bed, drinking it while I did my online stuff. I happened to catch my last ship (Nieuw Statendam) sail in to Port Everglades on the webcam. I wont be here later to watch her sail away, though.

    Amanda was up a little after 7, and Ari woke around 8. He joined me in my bed and we did several 20-piece jigsaw puzzles online. After that I made breakfast for everyone (same as yesterday) and took my shower. Amanda took a quick shower after me, and Ari was walking around the studio in his swimsuit, water shoes, hat & life vest guess hes ready for Stormalong Bay, since I dont think he feared drowning up here on the 4th floor <g>

    We headed down before 9:30, although the pool didnt open until 10. Rather than wait at the gate we sat in the rocking chairs outside Yachtsman Steakhouse. This is a smoking area, but thankfully only 1 smoker came by while we were there. Just before 10 they started issuing wristbands, and at 10 we were inside. Since my incisions arent fully healed yet, I couldnt submerge anything from the hips up into the pool. We kept Ari over at the large kiddie pool section, where he had freedom to move around without one of us being at arms length (water is 2-3 feet).

    We set up a couple chaise lounges and a table with an umbrella, and enjoyed a nice morning out there. Ari had a great time playing with the sand, some toys that were out there, and following some other kids. Once the sun came out fully, it got hot quickly. At 11 Amanda went over to Hurricane Hannas and brought lunch back to the table. Ari had the kids chicken nuggets with waffle fries, which he enjoyed. She got the grilled chicken breast sandwich on a pretzel roll, and since I wasnt really hungry yet I just cut an edge of her sandwich and ate a few waffle fries. The sandwich was really good but messy with the mustard sauce. Id gladly order it again, although theres no way I can eat it all myself.

    After lunch we took Ari over to the kiddie slide behind the steps for the big slide. They have a lifeguard stationed here, and it wasnt very busy at all. The nice thing is hes visible while climbing to the top of the slide, so Amanda could just stay in the pool waiting for him and I sat on the only bench over there (no chairs in this area). He rode the slide several times, taking turns with 2 little girls from another family. He enjoyed it, and didnt realize he was missing the big slide that will have to wait for when Chris is here too.

    We went back to the studio, where Ari had a quick bath and then Amanda showered while Ari & I sat out on the balcony. Once she was ready we headed out to the parking lot, where I stowed a bag in my trunk and they loaded up into their car. It was great having them here, and I look forward to the next time (my early May weekend). Ari is quite a character very enjoyable, but I hope his little defiant stage doesnt go on for too long <g>.

    I went back up to the studio and since it was only just after 1pm and my fastpasses werent until 2:30 and 3:30, I updated the report and then did some online stuff for a while. I left just before 3, and when I got outside I was the boat arriving. Since it was hot (upper 80s) and I figured Id have to walk back, I rode the boat over to Hollywood Studios. At the Swan/Dolphin a couple people in the back got off, so I moved to a seat outside where I prefer.

    Entering the park was easy much less crowded than my last trip, but Im sure itll be horrendous by August 29th. I went straight over to Star Tours and did that fastpass. Someone in the row behind me couldnt get their seatbelt locked, so there was a delay. The person was extremely large, but someone in his party said something was jammed in the buckle. He and a friend moved to a couple empty seats in the back row and that seat belt worked fine, and we were on our way. I do this attraction but dont have a clue what any of the stuff in the scenes means, and if it were to close tomorrow I wouldnt really miss it. Ill probably feel the same way about the whole Star Wars Land when that opens this August.

    After Star Tours I was in my window for Slinky Dog, so I headed straight over to Toy Story Land. The standby wait was 100 minutes, so it wasnt quite as busy as usual <g>. With the fastpass I was on the ride in about 5 minutes, and had a great (but very short) time! They handle fastpass very well here, too.

    At this point I was done with Hollywood Studios, so I headed for the exit. Once outside the park I saw the boat arriving, and noticed the line wasnt quite wrapped around the corner (meaning I would get on and get a seat), so I joined the line over there and rode back. I got off at Yacht Club and walked into Epcot from there.

    Coming up from International Gateway I went to the left, and decided to stand in line at Citrus Blossom. It wasnt as bad as yesterday, and it moved quickly. I got the crispy citrus chicken and took it to a shady bench further down. The chicken was pretty good, but not exceptional enough to rush back for another next trip. I ate quickly, as a family at the next bench had a whining child that was really obnoxious to hear. It was pretty hot in the sun, so I sought out shady posts and took my time meandering around World Showcase.

    I got a cup of ice in America, then went back to Italy for a glass of pinot grigio, taking it to a shady table outside in Japan. It was very peaceful back there, and I listened to the drummers and then the first Glass Tiger concert while sipping the wine and doing stuff on my phone. Eventually I got moving again, and when I came around to the International Gateway decided to exit. Ill be back next month, and the month after, so tonight can be a lazy night.

    Before going back to the resort I detoured to the Boardwalk, where I got an ice cream cone at Ample Hills. I had them do part peanut butter cup and part chocolate brownie, and it was delicious! It was so hot outside I ate most of it standing inside the air conditioned shop, and then moved to a shady bench on the boardwalk. I sat there for a while, watching people go by and enjoying the evening. Eventually I got up and walked over to Yacht Club, buying a couple chocolate chunk cookies from the Market at Ale & Compass to bring home, then returned to my studio. Im now in for the night getting on the road early tomorrow to get to work.

    This was a great little trip wish it could have been longer, but it just wasnt possible. I loved having Amanda & Ari share it with me, and we always travel well together. Im glad hes growing up at Disney (he & Amanda will be back for the day next weekend). Disneys done a good job with the Flower & Garden Festival, and I really like that they returned to having concerts every night again. Beach Club Villas is my favorite overall resort, and its the perfect place to vacation even if I dont want to bother with the parks! Between Stormalong Bay for Ari, and the many eating & drinking venues in the area, you cant beat it.

    The photos are on Snapfish, at Theyre pretty light on food & flowers, and heavy on Ari whats a grandma to do??

    My next trip is next month just 2 nights back here for more Flower & Garden Festival, before boarding a HAL cruise out of Tampa. At this point, assuming he can get the time off, SB will join me for most of the trip and our friend Tiana will join us for the second day. Should be fun!

    Sue (Holland) Rayford

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    Loved your report as usual. Glad you are doing well after your surgery. I am going with 10 family members at the end of June and we will have a 5, 7 and almost 2 year old so I am planning on a couple melt downs. I have always wanted to go on one of those pontoon boats they look so cool. Just a heads up I know you probably know this but my great niece is part of a big cheer competition in the beginning of May and my cousins daughter is in one the following week down in Disney

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    Didn't realize about the cheer competitions, but that's ok. The focus isn't doing as many attractions as possible, but thanks to FP we know we'll do what's most important to us :-)

    Sue (Holland) Rayford



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