After a long absence we are visiting the parks in 10 days. We'll be travelling with our family this time including my parents, sister, BIL, and nephews 3.5 and 7. The entire group will be there for 3 days and DH and I are staying an extra 2 days.

My dad has Parkinson's disease and is slower at changing positions. Once moving he's ok but there is a delay between him wanting to do something and having his body respond. I'm wondering what the procedure is for someone who needs extra time to load and unload. I know I can ask the CMs at the ride but was hoping for a bit of preparation as to which CMs are the best to talk to; right at entrance, when loading, other? He's also best if he can avoid too many stairs so knowing what options we have for BTR and Indy and ??? would be great. I'm not sure what he's going to want to ride but I'd rather be aware.