Last month, we told you the large and exotic bird known as Kevin, from DisneyPixars Up!, appeared to be migrating north from Paradise Falls in the direction of Disneys Animal Kingdom. As you can see from this exclusive footage, it looks like shes been spotted on the parks Discovery Island!

Did you know that one out of five birds over 2,000 species migrate from one geographic location to another every year? According to our friends with Disneys Animals, Science and Environment team, many of those birds pass through Walt Disney World Resort on their travels. Nearly one-third of the resort serves as an important corridor for many species, such as purple martins who spend their entire winter here and raise a family before returning home to Brazil. To learn more about migratory birds, visit

Ive also discovered that this adorable plush version of Kevin arrives in mid-February at select merchandise locations in Disneys Animal Kingdom, such as Island Mercantile and Discovery Trading Co. Kevin herself is a wild animal and would not make for a good pet, but youll definitely want to pick up one of these cuties to take home with you. Itd be the perfect companion when you go on a wildlife adventure, spotting birds and other animals at Disneys Animal Kingdom or right in your own backyard!