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Thread: Disneyland Checklist (looking for advice)

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    Disneyland Checklist (looking for advice)

    When I got my AP last year, I wanted to make sure I put it to good use and did *everything* in the park. I was looking for a compressive checklist of everything, but couldn't find anything that meet my standards, so I ended up making my own (with a lot of research) and turning it into a free website. Id really like to get some feedback.

    There are over 500 items in my checklist. It includes every shop, restaurant, and attraction (just like the map), but it also includes hundreds of minor attractions and secrets that aren't on the map. Im sure I've missed something, so please let me know if your favorite Disneyland secret is not on the list and I'll add it. Its only Disneyland for now. I'll add DCA in the future.


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    It's Indiana Jones not Indian.

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    It's Indiana Jones not Indian.
    How embarrassing. It's fixed now. Thanks for noticing this.



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