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Thread: My Disney Top 5 - Things for Little Kids to do at Walt Disney World

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    My Disney Top 5 - Things for Little Kids to do at Walt Disney World

    My Disney Top 5 - Things for Little Kids to do at Walt Disney World by Chris Barry

    Chris looks at the best things for young children at Walt Disney World

    Read it here!

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    Great article and I agree with it a lot. My boys are 6 and 4 now but were 3 and just over a year when we moved here to Orlando and took them to the parks. For rides I'd add Small World (bright colors and cheerful song), the Mexico boat ride (same thing), the carousel, Dumbo and of course the train. As a local, I don't feel the need to put my kids onto rides until I feel they're ready, so they've been cautiously moving forward (general rule is 1 new ride a trip) which means I don't go through the parks with freaked out kids

    The one thing I wish they would have more of is playgrounds like the Boneyard. I've been very happy that they've made the wreck-it ralph playground at Epcot at least semi-permanent, since my kids have enjoyed using those playgrounds during flower and garden festival. I'd like to see something similar in each of the parks- maybe on Tom Sawyer's island in Magic Kingdom and perhaps something attached to Toy Storyland in DHS. Yes, I know there's things on Tom Sawyer Island, but given that they're (by design) dark and a little scary, it's a bit much for little guys like mine.

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    Man, this post makes me miss my kids being little. I'm glad we can all ride the big rides together. But man, they really loved all the characters and parades and stuff. Miss that.

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    Parades are great. Alas, due to your deadline on this article, you were unable to mention that Maleficent (the steam punk version) is back in the great Festival of Fantasy Parade in MK. She has been repaired & had some internal systems replaced & is back shooting fire. You are very correct that Main Street USA is often not the best place to view the parade (or fireworks either). There are less crowded & thus easier to see areas to watch. On different occasions we have been with 3 year olds. They were not identical in their appreciation or understanding. Parents need to evaluate their own kids. Girls are more mature at a younger age. The key is to tell the kids what they will see & that their parent (or other known responsible person) will be with them throughout. The younger ones need down time. I am sure the veterans here have seen little ones being (literally) dragged through evening extra magic hours while mom or dad says "we paid a lot to be here and you will enjoy it." (True of course, but of no consequence to preschool - or slightly above - minds.) I am looking forward to seeing your future posts. Let's just say i am over 70 (true) & that i have observed much about kids. Oh & as final piece o free advice -- do not follow you kids into the caves, passages & the like. They were designed to be kid size not adult sizes. That will not prevent your observations of them or appreciation for a certain amount of independent thought & actions -- kids go in one way and end up getting out through a passage or slide on the other since of the mound. I still miss the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground that used to be in the Studios.



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