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Thread: Tokyo Disneyland vs. Disney Sea

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    Tokyo Disneyland vs. Disney Sea

    Is Tokyo Disneyland very much the same as Disneyland in Anaheim/Magic Kingdom in Florida? If so, I'm thinking of just doing DisneySea. But some friends say they didn't care for DisneySea that much or that we should try to go to both parks. What do you all think? We'll be going this summer or any other advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi @sfjudoka;

    How much time do you have to spend at the parks? Tokyo Disneyland is similar to Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, but it really is its own animal. You could easily spend a whole day there marveling at all the detailing. If you're only going for one day, unfortunately, they don't offer park hoppers at all, so that is the only case where I would say "do DisneySea." But both are marvelous.

    Your friends are out of their minds. DisneySea is spectacular. There are attractions, foods, and theming you won't find anywhere else!

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