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Thread: Pammer ~ November 13-17, 2018 ~ Offsite

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    Pammer ~ November 13-17, 2018 ~ Offsite

    Since it has already been over two months since I returned from this trip, and I'm about to leave in a few days for another trip, I decided to just give daily bullet point summaries instead of a full-blown trip'll see that we still did a ton of things and hopefully you'll be able to follow along with no problems!

    Travel dates: November 13 17, 2018
    Travel method: Southwest
    Resort: Camelot Inn (Off-site)
    Accommodations: Standard
    Ages Represented in Group: Adult
    Disney Resort Experience Represented in Group: Veteran
    Comments: A trip to see the holiday festivities!
    Cast of characters:

    • Pam, 57: trip planner/writer/self-proclaimed Disney Queen!
    • James, 58: Pam's hubby who likes Disneyland but is not as fanatic as Pam!

    The Planning

    While planning trips to the Disneyland Resort with James this year, I came up with November 13-17 for our second trip together on our Annual Passes. The Christmas season will be in full swing, and we will be able to enjoy the holiday decor and all of the seasonal festivities! Fantasmic! is also playing on our last night, and we will try to see it together if possible.

    Lodging: After the problems we had with the Anaheim Desert Inn earlier this year, I canceled all bookings with them and booked a One-Bedroom Family Suite in August at the Camelot Inn on Harbor Blvd. (a less than 10-minute walk from the parks; total for 4 nights = $1,090); our sleeping habits are so different nowadays that this arrangement works very well for us (James could stay up as late as he needed to and I wouldnt disturb him when I left early for the parks each morning!), although it is a lot more expensive. 

    Transportation: I booked airfare on Southwest Airlines from Sacramento to Orange County for both of us using points at the equivalent cost of $225 each; the total including TSA fees & Early-Bird option for all flights came to $530.

    I also made reservations with SuperShuttle for travel to/from our motel in Anaheim ($43.20 total after the 10% AAA group discount was applied).

    Tickets: We each have an active Deluxe AP + MaxPass.

    Priority Seating: I only made one dining reservation for our visit; the rest will be counter-service: November 15: Blue Bayou @ 11:30am.

    Disney Visa Rewards Card: I transferred $69 out of our rewards balance on our Disney Visa Rewards Card (DVRC) to help cover our Disney park meals and any park incidentals! 

    The Itinerary

    The pre-planning was done very quickly, and here was the result:

    • November 13: Fly down in the afternoon; check-in to the Camelot Inn; Disneyland/DCA
    • November 14: Disneyland/DCA
    • November 15: Disneyland/DCA; lunch at Blue Bayou
    • November 16: Disneyland/DCA
    • November 17: Check-out of the Camelot Inn; fly home in the afternoon

    Monday, November 12, 2018 (1 day before departure)

    Actual: I worked all day and printed off our Early-Bird boarding passes at 3:20pm (A50 & A51); I then picked up a foot-long veggie sandwich for James from Subway on my way home ($5.99) that he could eat at the airport tomorrow before the flight.

    We spent the evening getting ready (last-minute house cleaning & packing), and I was in bed around 10pm; James wouldn't fall asleep until sometime much later!

    Tuesday, November 13, 2018 (80o)
    Plan: Fly down in the afternoon; check-in to the Camelot Inn; Disneyland/DCA

    Actual: I was awake around 6am and watched TV until time to get up around 7am; I fed and medicated our kitty Sidney and worked until 10:30am. I puttered around until 11:30am, when I took our keys over to our neighbor Steve, who was going to kitty-sit for us. James was finally up around noon and we were out the door around 1:25pm.

    James drove us to the airport and we found an end-spot in the far end of the economy lot around 2pm; we caught the next bus to the terminal and I checked in our big suitcase (35.5#). There were no lines at TSA (we were pre-TSA) and we were through quickly; I filled our reusable water bottle and we got to Gate B15 around 2:30pm.

    We were soon boarding our completely full flight; James sat in front of me on the aisle in the exit rows and we pushed back early at 3:15pm. I had Diet Dr. Pepper and James had his usual ginger ale during the flight, and they gave us pretzels to snack on.

    We landed 20mins early, collected our bag, and went to meet our SuperShuttle van; James ate half of his sandwich in the shuttle and I recognized the voice of the shuttle driver as being the same one I had back in August! He was very personable and we were the last ones dropped off at our motel around 6:20pm.

    We checked in and took the elevator up to room #302; we checked things out and got what we needed for the evening before heading out the door. We walked down to The Pizza Press for dinner: a Press Cheese pizza for me and a Publish Your Own for James, plus a soda to share ($23 with tax & tip, after the 10% coupon I had).

    We enjoyed our dinner and then James walked the leftovers back to the room, while I headed to Disneyland around 7pm.

    Here is a summary of the rest of the evening:

    • Made MaxPass (MP) for Space Mountain (Pam) @ 7:05pm for 7:40pm (next available = 7:40pm)
    • Met up with James; MP return time for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters = 8:55pm so skipped
    • Got return time for Peter Pan's Flight @ 7:15pm for 7:45pm
    • Rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (Cyril) via exit
    • Rode Pinocchio's Daring Journey via exit; found out about disabled cars with extra rails = YAY for me!
    • Rode Casey Jr. Circus Train via exit
    • Rode Snow White's Scary Adventures (Sleepy) via exit with disabled car; busy exit!
    • Rode Peter @ 7:50pm
    • Stopped by the Alice in Wonderland-themed bathrooms
    • I rode Space with MP @ 8:10pm while James looked through Star Traders
    • Rode Jungle Cruise with Skipper Daniel (Ganges Gal); started at exit and then CM moved us into regular queue to avoid stairs = best cruise ever!!!
    • Pirates of the Caribbean = long line, so skipped
    • Got return time for Haunted Mansion Holiday @ 8:50pm for 9:35pm
    • Parched, so stopped at Harbour Galley = large Coke Zero ($4.06; 10% AP discount)
    • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh = long queue past the entrance (posted as 15mins), so looked through Pooh Corner first then back to shorter queue at Pooh; was told that the last row has more leg room, so need to remember that for the future!
    • Rode HMH @ 9:35pm = fun!
    • Candy Palace = two chocolate countdown calendars for my co-worker friend Mandie ($29.07; 10% AP discount)
    • Took pictures by the Christmas tree in Town Square

    • Left DL @ 10:05pm
    • The Cove Market = 2 gallons of H2O ($9.60)
    • McDonald's = BOGO Grilled Artisan Chicken sandwiches & 2 double hamburgers ($10.10; very busy with slow service)
    • Back to room @ 10:40pm
    • Each of us ate one sandwich and put the rest in the fridge; James also finished off his Subway sandwich and pizza leftovers and then made microwave popcorn (hungry boy)!
    • I showered and then James rubbed my feet
    • I unpacked our stuff, got settled, & took my night pills
    • In bed after midnight but trouble falling asleep even though very tired!
    • James to sleep = 3:30am

    Steps: 14,760

    Wednesday, November 14, 2018 (83o)
    Plan: Disneyland/DCA


    • I had drunk a TON of H2O last evening, but didn't wake up to go to the bathroom until 5am, so that was good!
    • I was up at 6:30am; had protein shake and leftover burger
    • I was out the door at 7:35am and inside Disney California Adventure by 7:55am
    • Immediately booked a MP for Radiator Springs Racers for 9:20am (next = 9:20am); the later return time probably due to today being an Extra Magic Hours morning at DCA, and those guests grabbing up them up early!
    • Picked up a birthday button from Guest Relations
    • Back to Toy Story Midway Mania; ran into former co-worker John along the way! Met his family and then chatted with him while in the queue together (we should have taken a photo together!)
    • Rode TSMM #1 = 170,800 (38% accuracy); asked to ride again since no one was waiting for disabled vehicle
    • Rode TSMM #2 = 186,700 (39% accuracy; "Best in Car", due to being only one in car!)

    • Rode The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel's Undersea Adventure (walk-on)
    • Boudin Bakery Tour = sourdough bread sample @ 9:10am
    • No Ghirardelli samples (employee told me they were "out of stock" ~ WHAT?)
    • Sat in Pacific Wharf dining area and updated trip notes
    • Rode RSR with MP @ 9:20am

    • Made MP for Guardians of the Galaxy ~ Mission: BREAKOUT! @ 9:20am for 9:25am (next = 9:50am)
    • Rode Guardians with MP @ 9:50am (I Want You Back)
    • Made another MP for Guardians @ 9:50am for 10:05am then cancelled it, thinking I would do Soarin' Around the World instead
    • Made MP for Soarin' @ 9:55am for 11:05am then cancelled it, due to its return timing so soon before Frozen at noon (LOVE this flexibility!!!)
    • Made another MP for Guardians @ 10am for 10:10am (next = 10:25am)
    • Rode Guardians with MP @ 10:10am (We Want the Funk)

    • Long line for Disney Chase Visa Meet & Greet, so skipped
    • Rode Monsters Inc. @ 10:40am (posted as 20mins, but was 30mins)
    • Award Wieners = long line so to Schmoozie's for peppermint crunch shake ($7.53)

    • Made another MP for Soarin' @ 11:25am for 1:15pm then cancelled it, preferring a third ride on Guardians instead!
    • Made another MP for Guardians @ 11:35am for 12:45pm (next = 12:45pm); great timing to follow Frozen!
    • Frozen @ 12pm
    • Rode Guardians with MP @ 1:05pm (Hit Me with Your Best Shot)
    • Made MP for Space @ 1:10pm for 3:10pm (next = 2:40pm)
    • Walked thru shops on Buena Vista Street
    • To DL @ 1:45pm; saw John again by Emporium!
    • Refreshment (Coke) Corner = hot dog, chips, & Coke Zero ($11.32; 10% AP discount)
    • Updated trip notes and relaxed!
    • Listened to the piano player @ Coke Corner around 2:15pm, Alice & Mad Hatter also there interacting with guests
    • James called at 2:45pm to find out where I was (he doesn't text!)
    • Made MP for Buzz @ 2:55pm once James was in park for 3:05pm (next = 3:25pm)
    • Met up with James @ 2:55pm; he'd eaten his oatmeal and McDonald's leftovers in the room for breakfast
    • Rode Buzz with MP @ 3:10pm (long FP return time, so slow); P = 990,300 (#36) & J = 1m+ (but no score on picture!)

    • Made MP for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad @ 3:25pm for 4:55p (next = 4:55pm)
    • I rode Space with my MP @ 3:40pm, while James went to Star Wars Launch Bay)

    • Met back up at SWLB and did the Disney Chase Visa Meet & Greet with Darth Vader = great interaction!

    • Got return time for Indiana Jones Adventure @ 4:20pm (4:35pm)
    • Rancho Del Zocalo = carne asada/enchilada platter, kids burrito, & Diet Coke ($26.15; 10% AP discount)
    • Rode Sailing Ship Columbia @ 4:55pm
    • Made another MP for Buzz @ 4:55pm for 5:15pm (next = 5:25pm)
    • Rode BTMR with MP
    • Rode Indy
    • Got return time for HMH @ 6pm for 6:25pm
    • Rode Buzz with MP @ 6:10pm (long queue kept stopping); P = 224,600 & J = 486,400
    • Made another MP for Buzz @ 6:10pm for 6:30pm (next = 6:30pm)
    • Rode Buzz with MP @ 6:30pm; P = 287,600 & J = 10,200+693,900
    • Rode HMH @ 6:50pm (my feet hurt!)
    • Rancho del Zocalo = James wanted a full-size burrito to take back to the room but the long line was not moving
    • I checked out Plaza Inn & Jolly Holiday Bakery for a holiday dessert but lines too long for both places
    • Met back up & decided to skip it all!
    • Left DL @ 7:30pm
    • McDonald's = BOGO Grilled Artisan Chicken sandwiches & 2 double hamburgers again ($10.10)
    • Watched Survivor @ 8pm
    • Tended to my aches & pains; in bed @ 11pm (no sleep aid tonight!)

    Steps: 19,125
    DL trips: too many to remember actual dates, but they began in the 60s!
    WDW trips: 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2021

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    Thursday, November 15, 2018 (81o)
    Plan: Disneyland/DCA; lunch at Blue Bayou


    • No alarm for me; I woke up around 8:30am and had my pizza leftovers for breakfast
    • James' alarm @ 10:30am
    • I left @ 10:45am
    • Long security lines (had removed "no bag" line ~ WHAT?) & medium lines at DL turnstiles
    • Noticed they were getting ready to film the Christmas Parade segments and Main Street was CROWDED
    • Rode Disneyland Railroad to New Orleans Square
    • Checked in at the Blue Bayou; CM asked if everyone was here & I said James was stuck at security so they held me in the lobby
    • James in park by 11:35am, but blocked by parade; took 20mins to reach BB and he could have easily walked it in 5mins!
    • Made MP for TSMM @ 11:36am for 2:55pm (next = 1:06pm)
    • BB kept checking with me on James' arrival status; a few minutes before he arrived, they gave away our waterside table but told us we still had a reservation
    • When he arrived at 11:55am, they sat us in the 2nd row closest to the doors; James wanted to leave and I was visibly disappointed, when a lead surprised us by walking up and saying they were getting us our waterside table right then! Magic Moment!!!
    • BB (Server = Carrie) = we both had the chicken, I had a Diet Coke, and James had a mint julep; with the birthday dessert, the total was $93 (10% AP discount)

    • Left BB at 12:50pm and rode DLRR to Main Street
    • Made MP for Soarin' @ 1:05pm for 4:20pm (next = 2:35pm)
    • To DCA
    • Disney Chase Visa Meet & Greet with Pluto @ 1:25pm

    • Looked through the stores on Buena Vista Street
    • Checked out RSR single rider queue (SR) = too long!
    • Rode Ariel (10mins)
    • Rode Jumpin' Jellyfish (10mins)
    • Watched Disney Viva Navidad Street Party while in line for JJ

    • Visited the AP Corner, located under the Silly Symphony Swings platform

    • Bought a Cherry Goofy's Glacier @ Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff @ 2:40pm ($5.32; AP% AP discount) and sat down on a bench nearby to drink it and kill time before our next ride
    • Made MP for it's a small world holiday @ 2:45pm for 4:35pm (next = 4:20pm)
    • Rode TSMM with MP @ 3pm (P = 163,300 & J = 192,200)

    • Picked up a Boudin bread sample
    • Rode RSR (SR) @ 3:45pm = LONG line (25-30mins)
    • Made MP for Buzz @ 4:25pm for 5:25pm (next = 5:25pm)
    • Rode Soarin' with MP @ 4:35pm; long FP line because no standby; one screen was down; off @ 5:10pm
    • To DL be continued
    DL trips: too many to remember actual dates, but they began in the 60s!
    WDW trips: 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2021

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    Thursday, November 15, 2018 (81o) ~ Part II
    Plan: Disneyland/DCA; lunch at Blue Bayou

    • Got return time for Alice @ 5:15pm for 5:50pm)
    • iaswh = closed so used that MP @ Star Tours (Stormtroopers, Jakku, Poe, & Crait/Bakku = my favorite segments!)
    • Rode Buzz with MP @ 5:55pm [P = 640,300 (#66) & J = 1,035,500 (#14)]

    • Made another MP for Buzz @ 5:55pm for 7pm (next = 7pm)
    • Rode Alice @ 6:20pm
    • Got return time for Peter @ 6:30pm for 6:55pm
    • Rancho del Zocalo = long wait for James' chicken burrito; I shared carne asada/enchilada & Diet Coke with him ($30.51; AP% AP discount); boxed up burrito leftovers and took with us
    • Rode Peter @ 7:15pm; closed to new guests due to upcoming fireworks, but let us on anyway
    • Rode Buzz with MP @ 7:30pm [P = 193,900 & J = 786,600 (#65)]
    • Took photos on way out

    • Huge line wrapped around ticket booths for DVC event at DCA; security lines also HUGE (felt sorry for those in line with no idea of why lines so long!)
    • Cold Stone Creamery @ 8pm for Oreo shake ($9)
    • To room @ 8:20pm
    • Tended to knees & feet again
    • Updated trip notes
    • In bed by 10:45pm

    Steps: 17,205
    DL trips: too many to remember actual dates, but they began in the 60s!
    WDW trips: 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2021

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    Friday, November 16, 2018 (77o)
    Plan: Disneyland/DCA


    • Up & out at 7:35am; security quick but long lines at entry
    • In DL @ 7:55am
    • Made MP for ST @ 7:55am (8:30am; next = 8:30am)
    • Rode Space via exit; no audio but CM Joseph made me walk back out to the disabled check-in to get another pass to come back instead of automatically letting everyone onboard ride again (boo)
    • Rode Space again; audio working this time ~ YAY!
    • Rode ST without MP since it was a near walk-on (Stormtroopers, Hoth, Ackbar, & Boba Fett)
    • Made MP for iasmh @ 8:33am for 8:45am (next = 9:03am)
    • Rode Buzz @ 8:40am [P = 264,800 (#20)]
    • Made MP for HMH @ 9am for 9:05am (next = 9:35am)
    • Rode iasmh with MP @ 9:10am

    • Made MP for BTMR @ 9:35am for 10:10am (next = 10:10am)
    • Got return time for Peter @ 9:45am for 10:10am
    • Picked up a paper FP for Fantasmic! @ 9:50am for the 10:30pm show (already?)
    • Rode HMH with MP @ 9:55am (standby = 13mins)
    • Made MP for Soarin' @ 10:10am for 11:15am (next = 11:15am)
    • Rode Pirates (7mins)
    • Rode BTMR with MP @ 10:35am
    • Rode Toad via exit (Winky)
    • Rode Peter @ 10:55am
    • Corn Dog Wagon @ 11:05am (corn dog, chips, & large Diet Coke = $12.82; 10% AP discount); sat outside Coke Corner to eat as no tables available in the wagon vicinity
    • Made MP for Guardians @ 11:15am for 11:25am (next = 11:45am)
    • Updated trip notes
    • To DCA @ 11:35am
    • Soarin' went down as I approached scanner, so the MP turned into an "anytime/anywhere" MP
    • Rode Guardians with MP @ 12pm (Burning Love)
    • Made another MP for Guardians @ 12pm for 1:15pm (next = 1:15pm)
    • Disney Chase Visa Meet & Greet with Stitch @ 12:30pm

    • James called @ 12:50pm; be over soon
    • Rode Guardians with MP @ 1:15pm (We Want the Funk)
    • Made MP for TSMM @ 1:30pm once James was in park for 1:40pm (must have had a cancellation!; next = 2:05pm]
    • Met up with James @ 1:40pm
    • Made another MP for Soarin' @ 2pm for 5:15pm (next = 3:30pm)
    • Rode TSMM with MP @ 2pm (long return line) [P = 168,100 & J = 194,500]
    • Asked to ride TSMM again since no one waiting for disabled vehicle [P = 143,000 & J = 194,300]

    • Frozen @ 3pm
    • James used my freebie MP from when Soarin' went down earlier @ RSR (4:25pm) while I rested by Flo's V8 Caf

    • Made MP for iasmh @ 4:45pm for 6:10pm (next = 6:10pm)
    • Met up @ 5pm; to Lucky Fortune Cookery (teriyaki chicken bowl & large Diet Coke = $16.17; 10% AP discount)
    • Sourdough baguette from Boudin Cart = $5.03; 10% AP discount here too!
    • Rode Soarin' with MP @ 5:30pm
    • Elias & Co. @ 6pm (purse, wallet, shirt; tote, & magnetic paperweight; 10% AP discount)
    • To DL @ 6pm
    • Made MP for Buzz @ 6:10pm for 6:30pm (next = 6:30pm)
    • iasmh down again so we took DLRR to NOS @ 6:25pm
    • Rode HMH with iasmh MP @ 6:30pm
    • Pirates standby = 30mins, so skipped
    • Took pictures of Sleeping Beauty Castle @ 6:45pm

    • Rode Buzz with MP @ 6:50pm [P = 376,300 & J = 10,100+541,500]
    • Made final MP this trip for Buzz @ 6:50pm for 7:55pm (next = 7:55pm)
    • Pizza Planet @ 7:35pm (terra nova pasta, cheese pizza, & large Diet Coke = $23.44; 10% AP discount)
    • Walked through Star Traders
    • Rode Buzz one last time with MP @ 7:55pm [P = 1,200+83,300 & J = 10,200+337,000 (#65)]
    • Waved to John as we passed each other in Tomorrowland
    • Plaza Inn line too long, so no yule log this trip 
    • Walked through shops on Main Street
    • I stopped to leave comments at City Hall while James went to Disneyana
    • Left at 8:30pm; bye Walt!

    • CSC @ 9:15pm (Oreo shake = $9; points not updating so got receipt this time)
    • To room shoes off!!!
    • To pool at 9:25pm to watch fireworks at 9:30pm

    • Put feet in hot tub; back to room @ 9:50pm
    • Tended to aches & pains again
    • Dozed off after shower; then lights out at 12:30am

    Steps: 24,013

    Saturday, November 17, 2018 (72o)
    Plan: Check-out of the Camelot Inn; DL/DCA; fly home in the afternoon


    • Up @ 9am; packed @ checked out @ 11am
    • McDonald's @ 11:10am (BOGO Big Macs, double burger = $7.52)
    • SuperShuttle @ 11:45am
    • Checked bag in & printed off boarding passes (A50 & A51)
    • Filled water bottle @ 12:40pm
    • Flight delayed about 30mins; landed around 4pm (should have been 3:25pm)
    • Parking = $50 @ 4:45pm
    • Costco (bought new phone for me!)
    • Wendy's @ 5:30pm = $18.82
    • Home around 6pm (hi Sidney!)

    Up Next: My friend Juanita & I are planning a last trip on our current Annual Passes before they expire in late February, so that is scheduled for January 30 February 2.

    Summary: Wonderful weather and another nice trip together!

    Highlights include:

    • Being at Disneyland together again as always!
    • Riding our favorites multiple times (Space Mountain & Guardians of the Galaxy for me and Buzz Lightyear for James)!
    • MAXPASS!!!
    • BEST RIDE EVER on Jungle Cruise!
    • Running into John again!
    • Fabulous weather!

    Lowlights include:

    • The Christmas Parade taping creating havoc with getting to our Blue Bayou reservation on time
    • My sore knees & feet
    • James' sleep issues (which he also has at home)

    Until next time!!!
    DL trips: too many to remember actual dates, but they began in the 60s!
    WDW trips: 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2021

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    I was excited to see a trip report from you. Great pic of you and James in front of the tree. Love your Minnie shirt. Wish we had Max Pass at Disney World. I have a group of 11 going June 27th toJuly 3 and that would be easier tan. Only being able to book 3 fast passes and the tier system



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