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Thread: Hows your training going? 2019 version

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    Hows your training going? 2019 version

    Noticed the old thread was closed so i thought i would start a new one, since i think a few of us are still around.

    Had to take 2 weeks off with illness so i jumped back into my training this morning and it totally felt like:

    But happily when i checked my stats after i actually did ok. So now i have to see if my long run holds up.

    Hows everyone elses running going?

    Just keep trying, trying, trying.....
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    Ive been steadily improving and getting faster over time. Right now my fastest mile is 11 min (if I have to run 1). My 5K times have gone to 34 to 36 minutes which is very fast for me compared to where I started 4 years ago. I've definitely grown stronger too - I've been part of a Galloway group in Long Beach, CA for 2 years now. It has definitely made a difference in my training not only from a performance perspective but having people to train and run with (on Saturdays) makes it a lot more enjoyable. I;ve had a slight setback this week with a knee injury so its prevented me from running complete training sessions - but I'm still reffing HS Soccer too so that gives me some activity. Overall still grinding it out and plan 3 or maybe 4 halfs this year and then mostly 5Ks.

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