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Thread: 2nd Honeymoon trip

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    2nd Honeymoon trip

    Dates: January 28th - January 31st
    Resort: Wyndham Bonnet Creek
    Participants: Myself and DW

    My wife had been getting emails from Frontier airlines about airfare sales and talked about flying into San Diego and then driving up to Anaheim to go to Disneyland. I looked into the airfares and found a decent rate, but was unable to find a room using my parents timeshare. I looked into some other options and we decided to go to Orlando instead. We decided to make this our 20th anniversary trip, since we took our honeymoon to Walt Disney World. After making sure we had arrangements made for our daughters during that time and it was ok to take time off work, we went ahead and booked the trip, just a little over three weeks before leaving.

    With the cost of tickets being so high, I was not sure if we would go to any of the parks, and I was fine with that. I wanted to at least go to Disney Springs and look around while we are there. When I got home, I was talking with my wife about what she wanted to do. She informed me that she wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom one day, so I went ahead and bought the tickets and made fast pass reservations for Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and Pirates. After filling in my parents on our plans, they told me that they would pay for tickets for us to go to Epcot for a day, which we are still deciding if we want to do or just spend a day relaxing.

    I don't know and I don't care if It's a Small World. It's a nice day when you wake up in Disneyland.

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    Enjoy your trip - we honeymooned at WDW (Dixie Landings!!!) in 1993 and have returned many times for "2nd honeymoons"!!!

    Mrs. Slocombe is my spirit animal

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    Happy 20th anniversary! We own at Wyndham Bonnet Creek and have stayed there quite a few times, so if you want a relaxing trip, you will definitely like it there. Have a great time on your trip.


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    Happy 20th Anniversary! I'd take advantage of the offer to go to Epcot and enjoy the Festival of the Arts being held there!

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    We did decide to get tickets to Epcot and are looking forward to wandering around and seeing the festival.

    It will be nice to get out of the arctic weather we are having here and enjoy some warmth.

    I don't know and I don't care if It's a Small World. It's a nice day when you wake up in Disneyland.

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    Sunday January 27th

    Plan: Pack and get a good night sleep before leaving on Monday

    Actual: My wife woke me up early to discuss changing our flight to leave early, since the weather forecast for Monday called for 8-10 inches of snow with high winds. I looked into changing our flight and finding a hotel. After discussing the additional costs, we decided to go ahead and make the changes. We were now scheduled for the last flight out for the night at 8:25pm.

    We made arrangements to have a friend pick us up and take us to the airport. Once we were packed, we had some time, so we spent it as a family watching the British Baking Show. Our ride to the airport picked us up on time and we made it through security and waited for our plane to board.
    While we were waiting to board, we noticed there were quite a few families with babies in the waiting area, which is not a bad idea, since it would be their bed time and they would hopefully sleep. We boarded on time and quickly found our seats. When the time came for our flight to leave, an announcement was made that there was a mechanical issue with the plane. We continued to wait on the plane while they performed the maintenance. After an hour and a half delay, we were on our way.

    Coming into Orlando, we hit some severe turbulence and my wife was gripping my hand tightly as we came in. One thing that I was concerned about was if the car rental place would be open so that we would be able to pick up our vehicle. Our luggage came out quickly and we were able to pick up our vehicle without any issue. We made it to our hotel room and checked in at 3am.

    Things I think:
    I am glad that we decided to change our flight out, since our original flight out was canceled on Monday
    I think it is a good idea to take babies on the late flight, so that they will sleep on the flight, unless there is an hour and a half delay.

    I don't know and I don't care if It's a Small World. It's a nice day when you wake up in Disneyland.

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    Monday January 28th

    Plan: Fly out and Disney Springs

    Actual: After getting a few hours of sleep, we got up, so that we could get some of the free breakfast that the hotel served. Before we headed down, we checked the school closure reports and school was closed for our daughters. I called my parents and informed them that school was closed and that they would not have to take our daughters. We headed down to breakfast and we were surprised to see that they were serving pulled pork along with the rest of the breakfast items. I made a waffle and my wife got some eggs and some of the pulled pork. She was impressed by the pork and suggested that I try it. After I finished my waffle, I got some eggs and pork. I ended up going back and getting some more pork.
    We finished breakfast and then checked out of our hotel and headed to Trader Joes for some groceries. When we finished with our grocery shopping, we headed to our resort and checked in. After dropping off our luggage in our room, we headed out to the Disney Outlet store. Nothing at the outlet store caught our fancy, so we left and decided to try the other outlet store. Getting to the other outlet store, we drove around the parking lot and could not find any parking and decided to just head back to the resort.

    When we got back to our room, we decided to relax. My wife took a nap, while I watched some TV. After getting some rest, we headed over to Disney Springs, where we parked in the orange lot and took the escalators down to the first level, where we were directed to go back to the second level and take the bridge across. We walked around the stores and stopped at the Polite Pig, where I got a piece of buttermilk chess pie and my wife got a chocolate chip cookie. My wife found a Pandora ring that she wanted to get and I bought a new case for my phone. We also decided to get magic bands at the World of Disney store. Being an Indiana Jones fan, I had to make a stop at Jock Lindseys and I ordered a beer and we split the steak.

    After getting back to the resort, we face timed our daughters to see how they were doing and to see if they wanted my mom to stay the night, which they did not. It was about time for the fireworks at EPCOT, so we went down the hall to a window that looked out to there and watched the show. My wife tried to face time our daughters, so that they could see it, but the WiFi was spotty. When the show was finished, I went back and watched some more tv and my wife turned in.

    Things I think:
    Once again, I am glad we changed our flight, since it gave us more time to relax during the day and spend some time shopping.
    I was disappointed with the Disney outlet and especially trying to find parking there.
    I really enjoyed walking around Disney Springs.
    It was nice to watch the fireworks from the hotel.

    I don't know and I don't care if It's a Small World. It's a nice day when you wake up in Disneyland.



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