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Thread: Disneyland Resort Update for January 7 - 13, 2019

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    Disneyland Resort Update for January 7 - 13, 2019

    Disneyland Resort Update for January 7 - 13, 2019 by Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix

    All about the price increase, plus three ways to save

    Read it here!

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    I liked the update commentary of what Disney needs and doesnt need - though I tend to fall into the high spend passholder category. I think, though, that Disney did this to themselves not only through the monthly payment plan - but the continuous event marketing and merchandise releases that happen. Not only events like Food and Wine or Halloweentime that tend to be 2 months long - but special food and merch that's only available for a couple of weeks. Special entertainment that happens infrequently, etc. That creates an environment where folks (like me) want to be there to see it all. For years this has been the pattern and the dollars we've shelled out has helped the park grow (along with the guests attending as well). Its no secret that getting passholder revenue in the door first is the drug Disney took a while ago and cant shake itself from it. By increasing prices - doesn't it make people file like they have to attend MORE to get more value out of their pass? I get it - the ones who hang out three times a week or even once a week and dont provide added revenue are a burden on the park - but if it were cheaper, or with better discounts, maybe something to reduce the rabid nature of passholders at opening and closing of access windows. It will only get worse with SWGE - we all know - but I'm just wondering what else can be done besides raising prices. I may be in the minority here (and I know here come the "Disney is a business" comment) but other ideas for long term annual guests I think would be good.

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    While I appreciate any post that offers information regarding Discount Admission (especially for those coming from out of State), the fact remains that Team Disney Burbank thinks raising the price of Admission for Team Disney Anaheim is appropriate when we have no proof the hardworking Cast Members are getting a raise in their pay!

    2019 marks the 50th Anniversary for the Haunted Mansion. I will be attending Disneyland probably for the last time to celebrate this (you will notice there has been zero mention from Team Disney Anaheim regarding celebrating this iconic Attraction - because they are too busy shoving Star Wars intellectual property into your face - but that won't stop me from honoring this Anniversary!)

    I know I can't be the only Walt Disney fan puzzled (disappointed), I'm sure we are a minority, but I will get one last experience (completely ignoring the new Star Wars Land) and it may be another decade before I go back (or I may stick to Knott's Berry Farm).

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    CJ Brown, the CMs did get raises. This was all set up last year between the union and Disney. Last July it was that the CMs were getting a raise from $11 to $13.23 and this month it was suppose to be they start at $15 and by June 2020 at $15.50 an hour. This is more then what the state minimum wage will be during this time btw. Those that were earning more then that would get an increase as well it said.

    As far as the rest, the fact is Disneyland has always been more of a local theme park. Yes there are tourists as well but it depends more so on the locals and their business. Disney already knows that many are going to try to flock into SW land when it opens. How ready for the amount of people is another story since they have shown us in the past they don't prepare for that to well (24hr parites come to mind). We all know that no matter what the APs that are cheapest are blocked in summer. Its a given. Deluxe wasn't but they kept it in place so that they make sure DCA ends up with business just in case everyone else rather wait it out and try to get in DL/SW. I think Disney was smart in how they set up these changes for the passes so far.

    As for the payment plan, yes more APers came with the payment plan but from what it had seemed was it was more on the lower end APs compared to the higher ones. I don't know if that is the same or not at this point. It would be interesting to see the numbers by the year. As well as how each group spends in the parks and how often. I know when we go we spend. We buy one meal, snacks, drinks and most the time other things as well. Its how we have always been. Toss in birthdays and holidays, food fests, or when my friend comes and even more is spent then. LOL I've never understood those that came in and didn't spend on anything but dragged along meals/drinks. Even when my son goes with his friend, they spend on a meal, snacks and drinks. We are also the kind that have always stayed far away from the parks on the days we knew would be the worse in crowds (week after Christmas and around NY, unofficial themed days, etc).

    Oh and as for the HM anniversary, I would hope they wouldn't drop the ball on it and forget. Its an opportunity to push out some new merchandise for its anniversary. More then likely its a wait until it gets closer to the anniversary date before they mention it.

    I am just curious to see how Disney handles everything this summer though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ Brown View Post
    2019 marks the 50th Anniversary for the Haunted Mansion. I will be attending Disneyland probably for the last time to celebrate this (you will notice there has been zero mention from Team Disney Anaheim regarding celebrating this iconic Attraction
    That's because the anniversary isn't until August. I wouldn't expect any mention of any kind of event or celebration until a couple months beforehand.
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