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    June 3

    Soarin' Over California. Let's Go!

    When I saw the news on facebook or instagram this was coming back for a limited time, it was striking at least 90% of the comments were to the effect it should return permanently. From my perspective Soarin' Over California is a better ride, yes. Not overwhelmingly though. Not in a landslide. Variety is great - let's have them both. Let's alternate them monthly, or annually.

    Fun fact Alien Pizza Planet has ice in the shape of aeration pellets never seen before in the history of ice. I was awestruck.

    Karl for president.
    This guy is in a class all his own. What a legend.

    A few reports ago I lamented the death of the non-Fastpass ride for our group. Happy to report we rode some firsts for youngest today (firsts within memory that is - he was 4 and 1/2 last time we had passes). Among those firsts were: Peter Pan's Flight, Alice in Wonderland, Astro Orbiter, Jumpin' Jellyfish, Dumbo, & Soarin' Over CA.

    It was such an extraordinary day at the resort. Moderate crowds, fantastic weather, good food. We eased from one thing to the next. For the late Fantasmic! daughter had a beignet 3 pack and boy a churro and we sat on the steps near the Tom Sawyer loading dock. We three alone among thousands.
    Recent reports haven't included ride logs because if I don't write the report within a day or two of the visit or make record of what we did, with my age and memory it's lost to history. So this time, I delegated: on the ride home, dear daughter and youngest and I debriefed on the day's events and she wrote down the ride/ attraction order:

    Jumpin' Jellyfish
    Grizzly River Rapids 2x
    Challenge Trail
    Jungle Cruise
    Star Wars Launch Bay
    Davey Crockett Canoes
    Splash Mtn.
    Tom Sawyer's Island
    Toy Story 4 Sneak Peek
    Hyperspace Mtn.
    Astro Orbiter
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Soarin' Over CA
    Incredicoaster again
    Silly Symphony Swings
    Haunted Mansion
    half of Fantasmic!
    Peter Pan

    We renewed our love affair with Earl of Sandwich, or I should say I did. The kids like the sandwiches well enough. They like the Lego store even more:

    We were at the resort 11am to 11pm. Here is the photo album
    Your attention, please. The Disneyland Limited now leaving for a grand circle tour of the Magic Kingdom. Aboaaard!

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    June 7

    We were at the resort 7:30am to 7:30pm. The two boys took on the challenge of riding every ride in DCA before noon. In a matter of just 3 and a half hours, they had nearly done so. Oldest sent me this ride list: Soarin', RSR, TSMM, Incredicoaster, Goofy's, Guardians, Monsters, GRR, Ariel's, Golden Zephyr, JJ, Silly Symphony, Pixar Pal Around, Jessie's.

    Hunger got the best of them and they skipped the final two (Mater's and Luigi's) to head over to Alien Pizza Planet for lunch.
    We spent most of the afternoon in Disneyland and dipped into DCA again briefly before heading home.

    Your attention, please. The Disneyland Limited now leaving for a grand circle tour of the Magic Kingdom. Aboaaard!

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    June 10

    5:00 Dinner reservation at Carnation was followed by a few rides - Soarin', Space, Thunder.

    Our SWGE reservations were the final slot of the day - 8pm to midnight.

    The little fella rode Millenium Falcon four times and was pilot 3 of the 4.

    He fell in love with this ride and can't wait to go back. In short order, the waits those four rides went from 40 to 15 to 10 to 5 minutes.
    Your attention, please. The Disneyland Limited now leaving for a grand circle tour of the Magic Kingdom. Aboaaard!

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    Great pics. Thanks for sharing



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