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Thread: Five Things I Miss About a WDW Christmas

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    Five Things I Miss About a WDW Christmas

    Five Things I Miss About a WDW Christmas by Jim Korkis

    Jim reflects on the ghosts of WDW Christmas Past.

    Read it here!

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    Late reader here (catching up after Holidays! ), but that was really interesting!

    Of all of these, I had only actually experienced the Osborne Lights, unfortunately only for it's last 2 years. I hope someday they find some way to bring it back. I think there have been a few good discussions about the challenges on MP threads before. IMO, the SOA area was unfortunately unique in it's ability to easily host the show (at least in final years) without seriously impacting any big attractions or restaurants ability to operate.

    The Country Bears one was something I was not aware of. That looks like it must have been quite fun!

    IMO, the reason for dropping it (or not doing the HM or IASW overlays at WDW) is a cop-out by Disney. It's not like it's hard to know the rough shut-down periods when overlays are installed. It's pretty much like clock-work at DL for IASW and HM. Any decent planning could avoid that time to not visit if they want to see the normal versions. Not that I'm complaining, but WDW did do the Jingle Cruise overlay again this year, but I understand they did not at DL. So maybe it's becoming more of wanting to identify the overlays with one particular park?

    I could see an argument that for IASW and HM that the layout at WDW doesn't work as well in terms of the exterior decoration of the facades. HM is sort of in a corner with not as much visible from the walkway as there is for DL, so I'd have to agree it wouldn't be easy to make it as elaborate as DL. Many of the details are small enough that it would be hard or impossible to see them from the further distances from which you can see more of the HM at WDW. IASW would be fine on the inside (assuming the lack of dry floor space around the displays that exists in DL could be worked around), but obviously the abbreviated internal facade at WDW doesn't hold a candle to the grander nature of the original at DL.

    Sorry, I went a little deeper than I intended with the other overlays discussion. I would love to see the Country Bears Christmas overlay return though!

    The Epcot Lights of Winter sounds like it was pretty good too. That would seem to be something relatively easy to implement with newer tech, but I'd guess with the rumors (maybe rumors isn't right - maybe "non-specific announcement"? ) regarding updates of the whole area from Future World to the World Showcase Plaza, it wouldn't make sense to invest in it right now if the area is going to be changing significantly in the not too distant future.

    Thanks again for the history lesson!




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