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Thread: Disneyland, the game?

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    Disneyland, the game?

    I forget where I heard it in the past, maybe this site, but are they currently creating a game that will let you "explore" Disneyland?

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    I know there once was a game for the old Nintendo system. I remember having it as a kid, you could go on Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion and I believe Pirates. They were more like games I think. You had to collect things along the way from what I remember. Like pieces of gold along the tracks on thunder mountain or something. does anyone else remember or know what im talking about? im talkin the original nintendo system with the big grey cartridge games.

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    I love games, and I'm always looking for a Disney Theme Park game. The ones that I know about are:

    1) The original Nintendo system had a side scrolling game where you got to explore some of the rides, for the Space Mountain ride you had to push the right button at the right time, or you lost (Jak 2 has an updated version of this)

    2) Playstation came out with a Chip and Dale racing game through Walt Disney World. One of the best levels is Splash Mountain where you race through the ride, singing characters and all.

    3) Monopoly Disney Theme Park is fun, and my wife wins everytime. You buy certain rides instead of streets, pretty fun.

    4) For the PC, they have a DisneyWorld Explorer, has a few small games, but mostly information about WDW.

    5) There's a Disney Trivia game for the PC where they show you bits of movies and rides, then you answer questions (two player is the best)

    6) Just bought on Amazon Auctions a Disneyland board game made in 1990, haven't had a chance to play it, but it looks intriguing.

    Hoping for some more console theme park games, those have always been fun. We shall see.

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    Check out the Tycoon: Disney Roller Coaster game. I haven't actually played it before, but I hear you can recreate many of the DL rides, and modify them as you wish. Here is a link to some basic screen shots of the game.

    Not quite a virtual park tour, but pretty close.

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    I have the Nintendo game. It's called "Adventures in the Magic Kingdom". The final goal is to obtain a key to unlock the castle and start the parade.

    The 1990 Disneyland boardgame is a lot of fun too - you have to meet a certain number of characters and take photos, etc.

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    The 1990 Disneyland boardgame is a lot of fun too - you have to meet a certain number of characters and take photos, etc.
    I too remember this game! My kids loved to play it along with the Trival Pursuit-Disney version.

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    Has anyone else tried the Disney Party game that came out recently? I bought it for my daughter but haven't actually played it yet myself, but she seems to love it. It's like the "Mario Party" series of games, except the boards are based on Disney Characters and Disneyland areas. I need to make the time to check the game out fully, but it seems cool from what I've seen so far.

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    You can also get WDW Quest Magical Racing Tour.

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    I'd recommend getting the Disneyland Resort Adventure game now available at gift shops around the resort. It's a handheld game system shaped like Mickey's head and has 12 games. The graphics are comparable with Nintendo's original Game Boy. The games are Sleeping Beauty Castle, Big Thunder Mountain, Hollywood Tower Hotel, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Pirates of the Carribbean, Haunted Mansion, Autopia, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Disney's Animation pinball, It's Tough to be a Bug, and It's a Small World. I highly recommend getting this. I got it at the PPH gift shop. I believe the World of Disney store has it and a few shops in the parks. I believe it costs in the $20 range. It's worth it for the price and gameplay. I'll try to give you a breakdown of the games:
    1. Sleeping Beauty Castle: standard platformer like Super Mario where Mickey must jump cliffs and swim through the mote, if you stay underwater too long you drown.
    2. Big Thunder: another Mickey platformer where you go mining with a shovel and destroy enemies
    3. Hollywood Tower Hotel: Mickey must choose the right elevator and time jumps to get to 13th floor
    4. HISTA: puzzle game like Tetris where you use shrink machine on blocks to get them to fit
    5. Pirates: another Mickey platformer with jumping and dodging canonballs
    6. Haunted Mansion: 3-D platformer through Mansion hallways
    7. Autopia: standard car race game
    8. Splash: maneuver log while avoiding rocks
    9. Space: haven't played yet, but I believe it's a spaceship game
    10.Animation: movie-themed standard pinball game
    11.ITBAB: Frogger ripoff with Flik
    12.IASW: Fast moving Mickey platformer where you collect music notes to restart the song that was stolen from the ride.
    If anyone has any tips on these games let me know, I'd like to know how far some of you have goten.

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    I still have the 1990 boardgame. It was one of me and my sister's favorite games to play while we were growing up. I might suggest we play it one of these days for old times sake. Oh, the memories!



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