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Thread: Where do you put all your digital photos taken at Disney?

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    Where do you put all your digital photos taken at Disney?

    Just crowdsourcing what you guys do with your digital pictures. I have been digital since 2010 and have not had any film photos developed (unless it's for formal occasions) since then. I used to just keep all photos of mine on Facebook and on my hard drive but recently I found out my hard drive was corrupted an all my original photos are gone! The ones on FB meanwhile, have been compressed to a rather lower resolution photos

    I checked some photo hosting sites and apparently, you have to pay for Photobucket now??? I am deciding to just create a website using a website builder I found which is called since I found out they have a free photo and file hosting service there. Moreover, I can also have a website to post my photos in case anything happens to my FB account.

    What about you guys? Where do you put your digital pictures and what backup do you guys use? Need some other suggestions. I am not an expert when it comes to software stuff.

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    Generally the hard drive, and sometimes I am not good enough about even copying off the memory card, now that memory cards are so large (I use a 64 GB one in my little Canon SX150 and also the digital camcorder I have (I forget the model #)). Even with taking a ton of photos during a WDW trip, I probably can easily store 2 or 3 vacations' worth of still photos on the card before it runs out of space. Less so with the videos.

    For general backup purposes (and actually to keep from bogging down the PC hard drive in my case), I find the USB hard drives useful. I have a larger USB hard drive (think the most recent one I bought was 1 Terabyte) than the one that is built into my laptop (approx 500 Gigabytes, IIRC).

    True the USB drive could go south as well, but it's at least another copy.

    I can't help much with the on-line question, but I do recall the huge upset crowds when Photobucket 1st went to a pay service for most of it (last year maybe?). There may still be some free ones, I'm not sure.

    I would not be at all surprised if the compression thing you ran into with FB is common to all/most of them. The resolution most cameras take today is far greater than is needed to show a decent image on a computer screen for web-browsing.

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