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Thread: Diamond Horseshoe and Gaston's Tavern

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    Diamond Horseshoe and Gaston's Tavern

    Diamond Horseshoe and Gaston's Tavern by Roan Poulter

    Restaurant reviews of two of the Magic Kingdom eateries.

    Read it here!

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    Thank you. We had the exact same experience at the diamond horseshoe. It seems almost like a “pop up” eating location. That someone decided to move some tables and chairs into an abandoned theater used for prop storage.

    We did enjoy the food, but being a couple, the amount they brought us was way too much for two.

    The service we had was good, but could not overcome the abandoned feeling. Such a difference from the Golden Horseshoe, which usually has some sort of show.

    We would not pay the high cost for the lack of show and the waste of good food that we couldn’t eat all of. Maybe larger groups would have a better time, and be able to do justice to the food.

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    And what is it about servers that stand around instead of serving? And then when they do serve, the food is warm not hot. It is universal. What are people thinking when they stand around instead of doing their job? And now places have food runners instead of servers doing that horribly difficult task of serving hot food to customers.
    This is not just a WDW issue. Everywhere I go, I see servers shooting the breeze with their buddies while trash and used dishes sit on my table. The best part is when they stand near the swinging doors and you see them kibitzing when people go in and out with orders. We had a recent experience at the Brown Derby where our server was just doing the basics and it was so out of the ordinary that we had to comment to the manager. So many waiters and waitresses won't even pick up the straw paper from the table. But they get to gossip with their buddies on company time!



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