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Thread: PopCentury room report 10/19-22/2018

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    PopCentury room report 10/19-22/2018

    I would like to apologize up front for what I'm about to write. Please remember that this is just my opinion.

    Unfortunately I will be removing Pop from my resort list. I stayed for 3 nights and it did not suit me well. (For others it might be just what they are looking for though.) I'm just going to list some items that did not work for me:
    --hot water for the tub came out at extremely low pressure. I filled the ice tub insert with piping hot water from the sink 5 times to help fill the tub.
    --the bathroom exhaust fan is not controllable and comes on/off with a sensor. It went off while I was in the tub and stayed that way. It came on when I was in the vanity area.
    --the bathroom door is in 2 heavy parts that slide. This is not a pocket door like I have at home. I can't even begin to tell you how hard it was to slide the door, grab the 2nd half try to slide that, try to get a grip on the door "handle" and I could only fully close the door once.
    --The lights on the vanity mirror are placed along the sides and are at face level. They are extremely bright. I have to put contacts in and I was completely blinded by the location of the lights.
    --There was no soft light in the room. The bed light was far, far too bright. I always think of the bed light as a reading light.

    But let me add this:
    -the bed was amazingly comfortable.
    -the big screen tv was fantastic.
    -the ac was aimed at the bed. You could feel it blow on you at night.

    And so if I might sum up. I realized one night when I got up what was wrong. The room is a dorm room. The many cubby holes and plain minimalist furniture looks exactly like something from Target or IKEA at the beginning of the new term. That's why it doesn't appeal to me. But if you like the small house show or love IKEA, then I think you will love this room. As for me, I'll take this off my resort list for now.


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