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Thread: Does Disney respond to email complaints?

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    Does Disney respond to email complaints?

    Hey everyone, so I visited Disneyland this past weekend. I went with my friend and we live 6 hours away. It was a quick trip so we only visited the park for 1 day as her birthday gift. Anyways, we wore these cute Disney shirts that had drinking logos on them. Mine said lets get buzzed with a buzz light year picture and hers said TipsyStory instead of toy story. We wore them as a joke and when we got to the park we noticed a bridal group wearing Disney princess shirts with the princesses shaped as wine glasses. All day we were getting compliments on how funny our shirts were from people there as well as some security guards & CM. As we were standing near New Orleans square trying to figure out our next ride a Disney security guard (male) came abruptly up to my face waving his finger yelling dont do that! I was totally confused and asked what he was talking about he replied get buzzed! I explained that Im not and its only a t-shirt. He then looked at my friend and told her dont let her do that! We were both shocked that he was yelling and embarrassing me over a t-shirt. He was walking off yelling dont do that! One last time so I couldnt get his name. After that experience it messed up my entire time and we decided to leave the park for the rest of the day. Being that it was a 2day trip we went to the hotel and left at 4am so we wouldnt hit traffic. The reason why this upset me so much was because 1) Disney sells alcohol 2) he had no right to wave his finger in my face but 3) he yelled at me and embarrassed me but did not say one thing to my friend about her shirt. I never like to bring up anything racial but he was Caucasian shes Caucasian and Im African American but she was clearly standing right next to me with the same drinking shirt but he didnt get in her face about it. Anyways I called guest relations when we left and they said the best bet was to go to city hall. Had I known that I wouldnt have left the park and would have went there but I was in utter shock that it happed it killed my entire Disney mood. The next thing they said to do was send an email. So I sent an email a few days ago, but I guess my question is do they ever call you back or respond to your email?

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    I did email a complaint once and it took some time (maybe a couple of weeks or so) but I did get a response. That was a few years ago, but hopefully they are still good and getting back to people. Good luck and I am so sorry you had an experience like that.
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