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Thread: Sue (Holland) Rayford, Oct 12-14, 2018, Beach Club Villas

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    Sue (Holland) Rayford, Oct 12-14, 2018, Beach Club Villas


    Who: Sue (59), DVC Member
    Dates: October 12 15, 2018
    Resort: Disneys Beach Club Villas Resort (BCV)
    Experience: Very Experienced 44th stay at BCV

    This trip is my usual short Food & Wine weekend. Before Disney moved the start of Food & Wine to my Labor Day weekend trip, this was my first Food & Wine experience of the year. However, thanks to Disney, Ill be making my 4th entry to the Food & Wine Festival on the first day of this trip and will thereby earn my passholder cutting board. When SB arrives, hell be on his second visit. Tiana will be on her first (will get a second next trip), and Chris & Amanda will have already gotten their cutting boards since they had 3 entries with me in August and then had a nice September trip with Amandas mom. We are a Disney bunch!

    This trip is a solo trip for me. The weather is still iffy in mid-October its very likely the days will still be too warm for my taste, but the evenings will hopefully be nice. I booked a studio at Beach Club Villas, because frankly I cant imagine staying anywhere but on Crescent Lake when something like Food & Wine is going on. I absolutely hated traveling here from Jambo House in late August the front entrance of Epcot is the pits!

    The day before the trip I headed down to southwest Florida, so I could check on our home in Ft Myers and spend the night with Chris family. Friday morning I have 2 dental appointments, then I head straight up to WDW. I have afternoon fastpasses in Epcot, and plan to enjoy Food & Wine. The concert is Anderson East, who I dont know at all, so Ill stop by to listen to them at some point. Saturday is a busy Food & Wine day, so I plan to spend the morning at the pool. I have afternoon fastpasses at Hollywood Studios, but may not bother with them. I wasnt able to get Slinky Dog until the next trip, so unless the weather is surprisingly cool I dont see myself bothering to walk all that way (with the path disrupted) just to ride Toy Story. Im sure Ill wander into Epcot for the evening, even though itll be mobbed. Sunday my friend Tiana was going to be coming down for the day, so we have fastpasses in Epcot and plan to focus on Food & Wine. On Thursday she let me know she couldnt make it, as her requested time off at her 2nd job wasnt granted. I may or may not use the fastpasses, since I really made them with her in mind. Smash Mouth is the group performing Saturday & Sunday nights, and I enjoyed them during Flower & Garden this year so Ill certainly give them a listen again. I dont need to sit in the theater to do so, though. Monday morning I head back to work a very short trip, but better than nothing!

    I have no restaurant reservations, and dont want any during Food & Wine. Im on the fence regarding signing up for Tables in Wonderland during this trip. Its gotten hard to justify since we generally dont do the table service restaurants any more. I enjoy having 20% off to take the sting out of visits to the lounges, but it takes spending $750 to break even. Thats a lot of wine, even at Disney prices. Just before the trip came the announcement that Disney had raised a lot of the food/beverage prices again. Its beyond ridiculous at this point, compared to what were used to elsewhere in Florida. I cant remember my last table service restaurant meal, and at this rate I may never have one at Disney again just on principle!

    One additional wrinkle to this trip is the recent Hurricane Michael, which caused serious damage to part of Florida. Im a state of Florida employee and the headquarters of all agencies are up in Tallahassee which was hit hard. When the folks in Tallahassee realized (shortly before the eye made landfall) what going through a category 4 (almost category 5) hurricane really meant, something had to be done to ensure all the locations statewide could still purchase needed supplies so I got designated as the state purchasing director. Thats one of the departments I oversee at our location, so Ill be using my local purchasing manager to review each requisition for technical purchasing rules compliance, means that Im likely to be spending a longer than usual amount of time online or emailing back & forth from my work phone.

    The plans so far are:
    Friday 10/12: Drive to WDW, Epcot Food & Wine
    Saturday 10/13: Pool, Hollywood Studios, Food & Wine
    Sunday 10/14: Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Food & Wine
    Monday 10/15: Drive to Gainesville

    DAY 1 Friday 10/12/18
    Who: Sue (59), DVC Member

    Plan: Drive to WDW, Epcot Food & Wine

    Actual: My dental appointments went well, and I was on the road by 9:15 earlier than expected! Id filled the gas tank on my way to the dentist, so I was seriously ahead of schedule. That meant I doubted my room would be ready. I stopped a few times to take care of work stuff I swear this trip Ive visited more rest areas along I-75 than I have since I moved to Florida 31 years ago, lol! I didnt get out of the car at any of them not because there was anything wrong with them, but I wanted to get to my destination.

    I pulled into Beach Club right around 12:30 and left everything in the car since it was so early. When I walked through the building I was surprised to see a cast member at the station in the villas, so I stopped and she confirmed my assigned studio was not ready. But, she found me one that was ready, on the 4th floor (I just dont want ground floor). I asked for the number, and knew where it was, since Ive probably stayed in it before. I gladly took it, then continued over to Beaches & Cream.

    A friend and her travel companion had a noon reservation there, so I figured if they were still eating Id get to say hi. However, by 12:45 there was no sign of them in there. I went back to the car to get my stuff, then went up to the studio. After I unpacked I checked the balcony and remembered this is the room with the extra long balcony! I think Ari was out there one trip, when he was just walking.

    Despite knowing it was hot outside now, I headed over to Epcot to have Food & Wine for lunch. On the way in I stopped and got our passholder discount cards. Since we renew online, we dont get a new one unless we stop at guest services somewhere. Thankfully, the cast member gave me mine and SBs.

    Entering Epcot was a breeze, but I was shocked by the long lines in France and Brazil. The lines extended way beyond the end of the queue area! However, Morocco had hardly any line at all and going further, lines were mostly not bad at all. In Spain I stopped to ask about the paella, and confirmed theres no seafood in it just chicken & chorizo, over yellow rice. I ordered that and it was a big portion! They had them premade, sitting under the lights, so it wasnt as hot as Id like but I didnt realize that until Id walked away and taken a bite. I found a shady trash can in Germany and cut up the chorizo, then stood in the shade outside a shop (hoping for a/c) while I ate. It was very good!

    After that I continued walking around, and then headed into Future World. Seeking out air conditioning, I went into Mouse Gear and found the 2019 WDW calendar. The store was very busy, so I didnt do much other shopping not that I needed anything else. The line to check out was long, but it moved fairly well since 4 or 5 cashiers were working. From there I walked over to the Festival Center, for more air conditioning.

    I was pretty sure today was my 4th visit since the festival started, so I joined the passholder line and got my free cutting board. Its small, but cute. Ill add it to the other passholder freebies that Ive never used, lol! The Festival Center is much busier this year, which Im sure is Disneys intent. I made a complete loop, eating my Ghiradelli sample for dessert, then stood in line at the Festival Wine Shop to order the white flight. This consists of three 1-ounce portions of white wine Fess Parker Riesling, MacMurray Estate Vineyards Pinot Gris, and Silverado Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc. They were all good, each in their own way.

    By now I was well within my first fastpass window, so I walked over to the Land and rode Living with the Land. A facebook friend (Hope) and her husband were in the row behind me, so we got to meet. Theyre staying over at Boardwalk all week it was nice meeting them both! I now had about 5 minutes to kill before my next fastpass (Soarin), so I wandered through Seasons looking at their current menus.

    At 6 minutes before my window opened I tried my magic band, telling the cast member I was probably early. The reader turned blue (no access), but the cast member said I was fine & sent me in. He called me by name, so Im sure the screen let him see I was only a minute early (the system lets you in 5 minutes early). Once again, the fastpass line was backed WAY up not sure if they went down at some point today. Had I known ahead of time, I may have skipped it, but once I got partway in I didnt feel like turning around.

    I got the center section, but bottom row. It was fine, with minimal distortion. When I exited, traffic became congested because it seemed all 3 theaters must have emptied out at the same time. Eventually I got out of there. Once outside I called work to check on something, and was pleased to learn it had been taken care of by the person I left in charge. I decided to take a break from the park, but first walked over to Morocco and got a piece of the chocolate baklava to take back to the resort.

    Back in the nice cool studio, I put the baklava in the refrigerator, then sat down to update the report. I also spent time on the phone getting briefed on the latest work stuff. At this point most likely my Saturday & Sunday wont have too much work stuff to deal with, so thats nice. Helping our sister facility recover will be a long process the staff up there are not only dealing with the hurricane impact at work, but also to their homes & families.

    Sunset was scheduled for just before 7, so I knew it would start getting shadier and more comfortable after 6. Tonight the concert group is Anderson East, who I had never heard of. I had the Amazon Echo thing at home play some of their songs, and I didnt dislike them, so Ill try to at least listen to some of their show. I was out the door a little before 6, walking back over to Epcot.

    This time I was just beaten by the Friendship boat, so I slowed my pace to allow the crowd to get through the entrance. I had no wait at bag check and just had to wait for 1 person ahead of me at the magic band readers. I had plenty of time to kill before the next concert at 6:45, so I turned left towards United Kingdom and just wandered around. I did stop & listen to part of the British Revolution performance. Eventually I settled at a table along the lake in Canada, directly across from the stage. I had some wine and took care of a few work things. When the group/band started (Raffy?), I headed out. I was not impressed at all.

    I walked back to America, and sat outside American Adventure & played on my phone for a little while. About 10 minutes before the concert, I walked over and got a great seat. The theater was barely half full! I was on the aisle, center stage, not too far back. I had no idea what to expect, and Anderson East ended up being a bunch of guys younger than me, a couple of whom have that godawful 70s rock & roller look (long stringy hair). The lead singer was barefoot, which was odd. Im a person who sees those things as stupid ploys for attention just act normal, dammit. I wasnt familiar with any of their songs, but I enjoyed all of them. They did no talking at all, other than thank you all very much a few times the last time followed by be back soon. So, I know nothing about them, dont know the names of the songs, etc. But, it was a nice show.

    Afterwards, since the theater wasnt full, there wasnt the usual gridlock of people trying to move around World Showcase. I headed towards Canada, where I was pleased to find pretty much no line at all. Last month the cheddar cheese soup with pretzel roll looked like a pathetically smaller portion than last year, but today I had seen people with it and it looked more normal. I ordered that, and bypassed the huge crowd waiting for the filet mignon (must have sold faster than they were preparing it). I took the soup and pretzel over to a table by the lake, and enjoyed it it was delicious!

    For dessert I was thinking of the maple boursin cheesecake, so I found a streetlamp and checked the menu book to see where that was located. Its at the Cheese Studio, so I headed in that direction. I wanted to see it, and as I arrived a man got one. I waited while he took a bite, and asked how it was. He said good, but also asked how it could be anything else, lol! I didnt order it just yet, thinking perhaps this would be a good time to ride Spaceship Earth since I left the park before that fastpass earlier. On my way over the app said it had a 35-minute wait, but I thought that couldnt possibly be true this late. When I got there, I saw the app was clearly right it had a ridiculous line! So, I turned around and headed back to the Cheese Studio.

    Here I had no wait, and took the cheesecake over to a table. It was delicious loved the pecans on top. After this I made another loop around World Showcase just because I felt like walking. I wasnt hungry for anything else at this point. When I walked to Spaceship Earth earlier, I was shocked at the crowds coming into the park, so on this round I wasnt surprised to find many of the food booths had longer lines than before. Some had practically no line, several had huge lines, and many were somewhere in the middle. Walking around World Showcase was a challenge, as it was very congested. Most people walk slower than me, so that adds to the frustration of trying to get anywhere.

    When I came around to the International Gateway, that was my cue to return to the resort I got back just after 8:30. It was a delightful evening much cooler temps (although still some humidity), good food picks, and an enjoyable concert. Experiencing live music like that is a treat, and one of the things I really enjoy about my Holland America cruises.

    Back at the resort, I went out to the balcony to finish up the report. Sadly, the road is just beyond the trees, so its more noisy than relaxing. There was no breeze either, so the humidity sent me inside before 9. The rest of the evening was HGTV and catching up online.

    Today was a great first day! Although its definitely hotter than Id like, since this became a true solo trip I can just make it a relaxing trip & not bother with the parks during the day. I live at work, so theres no pool which means spending time by the pool here is very appealing. Later in the day when it cools off Ill venture out.

    DAY 2 Saturday 10/13/18
    Who: Sue (59), DVC Member

    Plan: Pool, Hollywood Studios, Food & Wine

    Actual: Last night from my bed I could see the fireworks from Illuminations. Trees blocked some, but the higher ones were visible. I slept well, and didnt get up until nearly 6. I made my cappuccino and relaxed online while catching the morning news, not in any particular hurry to get moving. Around 8 I made my breakfast, and then dressed in yesterdays clothes since Id be showering after spending time at the pool this morning.

    A while back the Orlando Premium Outlets started charging for parking, which is why I havent been there since. They do have a certain number of free spaces, so I decided to give it a try, being there when they open at 10. If the spaces are all taken, Ill return to the resort (refuse to pay to park to shop), but Im thinking I should have success. They recently announced free parking in the garage for Florida residents after 6pm, but I dont have any interest in fighting traffic in that area, or giving up prime Epcot time to visit an outlet.

    I headed out around 9:15, knowing I always underestimate the amount of time it takes to get off Disney property with the construction and lights. Wouldnt you know all but one traffic light was green, and there was no traffic. I was in the parking lot of the outlets by 9:30, lol! I found the free parking area and parked over there, then walked the outlets. Its 2,000 steps to hit each of the rows. When I finished there were still about 10 minutes to wait, and I was shocked to see long lines of people waiting to get into the Character Warehouse (at each door). They were literally standing in line to get into a store!! It was nuts.

    When the doors opened, it was an orderly stampede and the store was packed in no time. This makes it hard to actually browse and see things, because people are in the way everywhere. I did find a few things, and then saw the line to check out was extended way outside of the roped off queue area. That sucked too, but I decided to stick it out since Id already invested this much time. People were buying up hordes of stuff I felt like I was in the twilight zone or something.

    Once I paid for my items I got the car and was back on property by 11. I tried to get gas across from the Boardwalk, but it was mobbed. There were close to 10 cars waiting for a pump to free up, so I drove in one side and drove right out the other side. No way was I waiting to get gas!

    Back at the studio I changed into a swimsuit and went down to the quiet pool for a couple hours. It was a little toasty at times, but much better than it would have been even a week ago. It wasnt overly crowded, but a number of people were out and everyone was nice & quiet. I did some reading, and after a couple hours went back inside. I checked out Beach Club Marketplace but wasnt in the mood for anything they had.

    My fastpasses this afternoon were not going to happen I was already halfway through the first one, with Toy Story coming up in 30 minutes. So, I canceled those and added Nemo and Spaceship Earth for early evening. Next up was a shower, and a couple bites of the baklava. I decided to walk over to Yacht Club to check out their Market at the Ale & Compass. They have big warm pecan sticky buns, but I resisted. Their chocolate chip cookies have big chunks instead of chips, and the sandwiches offered are different from whats at Beach Club. Theyre both nice options.

    I went outside to the marina to say hi to my friend Bill. He works part-time doing the fireworks cruises, and we were able to spend some time catching up. He mentioned it was just announced that the International Gateway would be closing for 3 weeks so they can run the blasted Skyliner cables across. I believe it will close the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, until (or through) December 17th. After we said our goodbyes I returned to my studio to check my early December Boardwalk trip plans. Since you cant walk to Epcot and the Friendships will also not be operating, I dont really want to be riding a bus & using that awful front entrance.

    My original plans included Epcot on my arrival Friday, so I switched over to Hollywood Studios instead. Now Ill be there for 2 evenings, with Toy Story on the first one and Slinky Dog on the second. Im looking forward to seeing their holiday stuff, too. The other day is set for Magic Kingdom, so thats fine. Thanks again Bill for alerting me!

    I relaxed in the nice air-conditioned studio for a while and ate more of the baklava. I imagine trying to eat in Epcot (Food & Wine) will be a nightmare since its Saturday, but I wanted to leave room just in case it wasnt that horrible. Around 4:30 I walked back over to Epcot. It was very warm (close to 90), but the humidity was low so it wasnt godawful.

    As expected on a Saturday during Food & Wine Festival, Epcot was very crowded! I turned right into France and could see the line extended out beyond the queue area. But, I figured since it was Saturday the other side should be open, and it was with around 4 people ahead of me in line. I got the beef beer braised beef with bacon, onions & mashed potatoes. It was very similar to the beef item the last several years, in a pot roast style. It was good, but not a WOW at all. Having had it once, thats enough.

    After eating I continued walking, stopping in America outside the American Adventure. Most of the shady spots were taken, but I found a small spot of shade created by the tree in the center of the planter, so I sat there. I had some wine and played on my phone while waiting for and then listening to most of the Sister Hazel concert. Evidently they were called on Thursday to see if they were available tonight & tomorrow. Later in the set they performed one of Smash Mouths big songs, I assume in tribute to them since they were supposed to be here. I thought that was a nice touch.

    The theater was packed when I arrived at least 15 minutes or so before the concert, so I made sure I left the area before the final song. Trying to walk would have been a nightmare if Id waited until the end. I walked into Future World, and stopped at Mouse Gear again. Earlier today Id seen a really cute shirt in one of the shops, and I saw it again in Mouse Gear. Knowing they have a fitting room here, I grabbed a couple and tried them on, buying the one I liked better. Since SB struggles to come up with gift ideas, I may let him buy the shirt from me and give it to me for my birthday or Christmas <g>.

    I was in my fastpass window for Nemo, so I walked over there. After a quick ride in a clam, I wandered through the aquarium area looking at the fish briefly. It was very crowded in there, although the standby wait was only 10 minutes. Frozen out in World Showcase was 70 minutes. I had a little bit of time before my Spaceship Earth fastpass opened, so I went to the Festival Center for a ghiradelli square. I bought a glass of one of the wines in my flight yesterday and found a seat. The Festival Center was also very busy.

    When the wine and chocolate were gone I walked over to Spaceship Earth and immediately noticed there wasnt a line. I pulled out my phone and sure enough, I had an email telling me it was down. My fastpass would be good anytime if it came back up, or at a list of other attractions none of which I was interested in. I hung around for a little while in case it came back up, but eventually moved along. I learned Spaceship Earth will be closing for 2 years at some point not sure exactly when. Part of the attraction will remain unchanged, but from a certain point to the end itll be all new. I cant imagine why that would take 2 years, though.

    I walked back to World Showcase, and decided to take the long way starting in Mexico. All night long, every kiosk had crazy long lines (generally extending beyond the roped off area). Even the ordinary stands (not Food & Wine) had ridiculously long lines. I checked Hops & Barley in America, and that queue was only about half filled in, so I got in line and ordered the warm carrot cake. I was surprised by how large this is I would have been happier with a smaller portion, but I ate the whole thing. It was very good, but I think its another once is enough thing for me (once per year). The baklava on the other hand Ill probably get that a couple more times before the festival ends.

    When I got back to International Gateway I exited the park and decided to walk the long way home through the Boardwalk. It was pretty busy there too, with the entertainers performing and long lines at the food booths. Ample Hills Creamery didnt have much of a crowd inside, but when a small cone costs $6.99 maybe thats why. They have good stuff, but the price is crazy. I finished my walk, passing Yacht Club and then Beach Club, then heading up to my studio.

    I finished up the report, and will spend the rest of the evening watching HGTV and doing stuff online. I may go out onto the balcony for Illuminations tonight, unless I get too lazy for that. Today was a nice relaxing day, other than the outlet trip being a pain in the butt. I need to stop going over there! I loved my pool time, and enjoyed the cooler time in Epcot. Once the sun went down, it was perfect out there! Tomorrow I plan to repeat the pool time and the Epcot evening.

    DAY 3 Sunday 10/14/18
    Who: Sue (59), DVC Member

    Plan: Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Food & Wine

    Actual: I slept well again and got up around 5:30. This room is a dedicated studio, with a stairwell on one side. As such, unless noisy people are talking in the hallway its very quiet. I made my cappuccino and did online stuff, stopping to make my breakfast around 8. I also switched my Animal Kingdom fastpasses over to Epcot, as theres no way I want to be in AK during the afternoon when its 90 degrees! So, it was bye-bye Flight of Passage but itll be there next time.

    Around 9 I got ready for the pool, and headed downstairs. It was another nice quiet morning, although it felt hotter than yesterday. I lasted until 11:45, then moved to the shade for a bit before going upstairs to take my shower. My old travel buddy Sheila is here with her husband and her son Colins family, and she texted me just as I finished getting ready. They were having lunch at the Garden Grill (think thats the name its the revolving character meal in the Land), so I headed over to Epcot to see them after their lunch.

    It was pretty warm out, so my plan was to see Sheila and then get the hell back to the air-conditioned resort until later, lol! However, there was no line in Canada so I decided to have the cheese soup and pretzel roll for lunch. It was delicious, and I shared a table by the water with some other people who were sharing a combination of things from Canada and New Zealand. When I finished, I got a glass of the Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc from New Zealand and sipped it as I walked to the Land. It was a good wine.

    At the Land I first went down to Seasons, hoping to get a couple oatmeal raisin cookies to take home. SB loves them, and I usually bring him at least one, but they dont seem to sell them here anymore. They also dont have them at Beach or Yacht, so later I may check the Boardwalk Bakery. I bought a magic cookie bar for later, and then went upstairs and sat in the restaurant waiting area for them to finish lunch.

    Sheila & I traveled together for many years, back when we were both single moms with a son. We met when our sons were on the same little league time as young kids. Now our sons are dads to their own kids. In Colins case, he has 4, plus his wife is pregnant with #5 due in January! Theyre all adorable, but boy I bet that many can be a handful! We visited for a little while, then I headed out. They had a fastpass at Spaceship Earth and I went in the other direction to use mine at Imagination. They really need to redo this attraction, as its pretty sorry.

    From there I exited the very hot park and walked back to the resort. When the clouds would cover the sun it wasnt too bad, but when it was sunny it was brutal. I updated the report and just hung out in the nice cool air conditioning for a while. Around 4 or 4:30 I walked back over to Epcot, and when I got to the top of the hill from International Gateway I ran into Sheila & Jerry with the 2 granddaughters. One was asleep, and the other soon followed. I hung out there talking with Sheila, and Jerry was suffering in the heat. It felt like close to 100 degrees today, and Jerry doesnt have the best health, so it was tough on him.

    As we were talking, Carol Stein walked by and stopped to talk shed finished up her day at the Rose & Crown Pub. Shes been traveling a lot lately, sharing great photos on facebook. She had Sheila take a picture of us with her phone, then we all went our separate ways. I headed into Future World and thought about getting the piggy wings at the Flavor of Fire stand. But, the line was in the sun and moving very slowly so I left. Instead, I walked over to the Festival Center for a ghiradelli sample, and then sat with some wine and played mahjong on my phone to pass the hot sunny time of day.

    My fastpass for Spaceship Earth started at 5:30, so around that time I walked over there. Once again, there was no line, and checking my phone confirmed I had an email telling me it was down again! This is ridiculous! I asked the cast member if it ever came back up last night, and she said it didnt but it was up most of today. Tonight I wasnt going to stand around waiting for it, so I walked back to World Showcase.

    It was still really hot, but once I got to Canada I found a shady spot right along the lake that had a nice strong breeze blowing. I stayed there about 30 minutes or more, even staying through part of Raffys set. Theyre a Canadian group that does pop songs, and they were ok today. The other days I wasnt impressed. Eventually I started walking again, in search of dinner. I was torn between the beef tips over gouda mashed potatoes in Belgium or the roasted bratwurst in pretzel roll in Germany, and Germany won. I got it without the mustard, so mine was fresh. It was very good!

    This afternoon and evening, up until about 8pm the lines were very short at all the food & wine booths. Once it was 8, it was like all hell broke loose and every booths queue was completely filled. I was glad I did my eating earlier than 8! I checked my phone a couple times, and Spaceship Earth was still down.

    I stopped in Mexico and rode the boat ride, getting the front seat of the boat. Its not something worth waiting for, but its a cute ride. Afterwards I walked into Future World to the Flavors of Fire booth and got the chocolate picante for dessert. This is a dark chocolate mousse with cayenne pepper its delicious but definitely hot! There were some crunchy things in there too, which were a nice surprise.

    I walked back to World Showcase and made one more loop around the countries before exiting at International Gateway. Pete & Judy called as reached the gateway, so I talked to them while walking, until I was back in the studio. At the bridge I turned left to Boardwalk and checked the Boardwalk Bakery for oatmeal raisin cookies. They had them and theyre now $3.29 rather than $3.99 the last time I got one here. I motioned to the cast member that I wanted 2 of them, paid for them, and walked back to Beach Club.

    Once I finished with Pete & Judy I had a frantic work text, so I sent some information and later talked with a co-worker to find out what messes were going on (hurricane related). Once that was done I finished up the report, just as Illuminations started. This has been a great little trip, and Im thankful I was able to get away and enjoy Food & Wine Festival for a few days. Tomorrow Ill leave early, to get back to work. I didnt bother with an album for this trip, and mostly left the camera in the room. What few photos I took on Friday Ill include in the album for the next trip.

    The next trip will be the real food & wine trip, with 4 nights here at Beach Club Villas in a studio followed by 4 nights in a 2-bedroom over at Boardwalk. SB, Chris, Amanda, Ari, and Pete & Judy will all be there at some point during the Boardwalk portion of the stay.

    Sue (Holland) Rayford

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    Loved your trip report! Wow! You are a F&W expert. I love the Beach Club too. I always think I'm going to stay somewhere different and then end up at the Beach Club again.

    ~Anne~ Trips to the World ~ 18 * 15 * 09 * 10/05 * 6/05 * 02 * 99 * 95 * 91 * 89 * 88 * 81 * 79 * 77 * 76 * 74

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    Thanks Sue for another trip report. Hope Spaceship Earth makes it until the refurbishment in 2020 (rumored start time)!




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