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Thread: Epcot's Germany Pavilion: A Photo Tour

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    Epcot's Germany Pavilion: A Photo Tour

    Epcot's Germany Pavilion: A Photo Tour by Donald and Bonnie Fink

    A few impressions of the Germany Pavilion, halfway around World Showcase at Epcot

    Read it here!

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    Two thoughts...

    1. Although immensely popular, the Train tracks were created for one of the early Flower and Garden Festivals and were never meant to be permanent. They were so popular that Disney decided to keep the trains as an attraction. The guy who manages it keeps it consistent with what is happening, meaning the decorations change to mimic Food and Wine, or Flower and Garden or the Holidays. However, it is also sitting on a piece of land that would be used as a new pavilion, so depending on how Disney wants to stage their expansion (I believe there are 3 expansion plots available), it could go away.

    2. In general, I always feel the country pavilions could use either some explanatory placards or a "ask me" type castmember who would explain what I'm looking at. The atmosphere in all of these pavilions is so rich but unless you're familiar with the country or have taken the behind the scenes tour (which I highly recommend) you're at a bit of a loss understanding why you're looking at what you're looking at.



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