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Thread: Walt Disney World Resort Update for August 7-13, 2018

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    Walt Disney World Resort Update for August 7-13, 2018

    Walt Disney World Resort Update for August 7-13, 2018 by Alan S. Dalinka

    Read it here!

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    Thanks again Alan! That Lion King package looks pretty interesting. We just might have to do that one next time we are there. We have eaten at Tiffin's once before and we thought it was great. Unique and delicious.
    It's almost Halloween again and then Christmas!!

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    The Lion King package does look interesting, especially if the Safari part with the Tier One option is a ride on a vehicle that travels off the "track" the normal vehicles use for the attraction. (I know it's not a track, but I mean to say the routine path with somewhat of a time limit at each area due to the trucks behind you).

    Such a thing is one part of the Wild Africa Trek tour, and while I wouldn't expect it to be the same, if it's along those lines, it might be a good way to get a slightly different view than you get during the normal attraction sequence (without having to sign up to do the much more expensive and slightly challenging Trek tour)

    Unless the dinner offerings are slimmed down a lot from the normal menu, it's probably a decent deal for the money when you add all the different pieces together.

    Ironically, I'm not sure the closer seat at the show is that much of a benefit, as I'm pretty sure I've always sat a little more towards the back. While up front seats are nice for certain portions, I am sure, I half think that being farther back gets you a better overall view of the action when there are a lot of different things going on all at once? This of course assumes you don't suffer from any view blocking, but I think the stadium/bleacher style of the seating arrangement helps quite a bit there (IMO).




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