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Thread: Countdown to Gonzo trip!

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    Countdown to Gonzo trip!

    Some friends and I have been batting around the idea of a gonzo trip to DLR around Decemberish. Kind of "pie-in-the-sky" wouldn't it be fun, but probably not realllllly gonna happen thing. BUT, lo and behold, my best "couple friends" said they were in! She's ("J") only been once, and he ("N") has never been! These folks would be our kids' godparents if we were religious, so my kiddos adore them. So me, DS (will be 11 in December) and DD (14), plus J and N will depart my house at around 4AM on a late January morning, drive the 14 or so hours in one go to our timeshare in Anaheim, spend 2 days in the parks, then drive back. Plus my BFF is flying down from Seattle to meet us there! We decided on January just because December is already so awesome and packed with good things, we all needed something to look forward to during the long dark depressing January. Hubby may or may not join us... he's not as into Disney as the rest of us, plus my BFF isn't his biggest fan right now, so as much as I'd like him to be there, especially since he and N are good buddies, it may be best if he stays behind.

    198 days!!

    Trying to do this as thriftily as possible - get our Disney fix on the cheap! But some things are still non-negotiable: even though we'll bring much of our own food with us, we'll still do BB for Monte Cristos, and there will still be churros, dole whips, and chimichangas! Plus, of course, the adult beverages in DCA! Plus, we'll have to do Bubba Gump's in AGW for the pile of garlic and spicy shrimp. Yum! Sooo, maybe no as cheaply as I was hoping!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Maleficent2B View Post
    we'll still do BB for Monte Cristos,
    If you are doing BB for the restaurant, great. If you are doing it for Monte Cristos, it is cheaper to do it at Cafe Orleans. (Plus you can get Pommes Frites.)
    Planning 3 trips at once...



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