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Thread: I made it! Finally!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickjandrews View Post
    Great news, congratulations! Having an AP while living nearby is awesome. When you're driving, make sure you carry plenty of transportation cards!
    It's funny, but after decades of planning trips and researchjng and spending time here, I only just today found out about transportations cards; I had no idea what you were talking about. By the way, some drivers still have some of the older cards that you can't get anymore, so make sure you ask.

    Quote Originally Posted by rph13 View Post
    Wow, Pete! I missed your whole transition from civilian to cast member, I guess I just didn’t read this thread for a while. I’m glad that you got out of a bad situation and found a better solution.
    My oldest went thru Traditions a few years ago and she was totally thrilled with the whole experience. And yes the hug with the Big Guy was her very favorite part and pretty much the only specific part she told us about.
    Enjoy it all!
    It was a lot of fun. It makes you feel special, and part of something special.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lovethemouse View Post
    Congrats, Pete! I haven't been on Mouseplanet too much lately, so I just saw your recent updates.

    I'm very happy for you that you have been able to "live the dream!"

    I'll be looking for bus drivers named Petey when I'm there in December. If I see you I'll say hi!
    Please do!

    Quote Originally Posted by daisyd0 View Post
    Great news, enjoy learning all about your new job!
    Thanks, Daisy. By the way, my late Beagle was called Daisy, so your posts always cheer me up a bit.

    Quote Originally Posted by nickjandrews View Post
    Were you able to stand in the red spot directly under the center of the castle in the main utilidor? More of a rectangle, if I recall correctly...
    You know, I do remember being told that, but didn't have the presence of mind to notice the shape of the indicator; I was too excited. It was a bit different than I was expecting, the utilidor, but for those who have yet to see it, I'll leave it to your imagination until you get the opportunity to see it yourself.

    My time at Disney Univerity ended with me getting my uniform, so tomorrow it is bus training time! Just like Sponge Bob, I'm ready!

    A few more tidbits I learned: notice the flags on the boats, the water taxis, the smaller ones; their color indicates where they go. In the 7 Seas Lagoon, red flags mean the boat is coming from or returning to the Wilderness Lodge (red for redwoods); the gold flags indicate boats bound for or back to the Grand Floridian and Polynesian (the "gold" standard of the resorts); and green indicates the Fort Wilderness campground (green for the trees).

    On the Sassagoula, which in Native American means little Mississippi, the boats from Disney Springs that go to the resorts on the waterway have their own meanings: a red flag is used on boats that are just servicing the Disney Springs area (red for Retail, Entertainment, and Dining); green flagged boats go to Old Key West (green for Key Lime Pie), purple goes to the French Quarter, and Gold goes to Riverside (gold and purple for Mardi Gras). Anytime you see multi-colored flags, it means they go to more than one destination.

    Back at the 7 Seas Lagoon, the larger boats, the transports, have colors that correspond to their namesakes. Green is for the Jim Fowler (green is a fowl color, or as I prefer to remember it, green for the mallard duck, a fowl); General Cotter's color is blue, but the CM couldn't remember why (I'll need to read up on it; perhaps he was in the Navy), and I can't remember who is the namesake for the red-striped ship; some of you may know, and for sure the internets will.

    Just a little extra info that some of you may already know.

    Oh, and one more nugget. If you or anyone in your party needs to sit on the bus, even if you or they are not in a scooter or wheel chair, just line up in the same area that the scooter and wheel chair folks do. No judgement. I wish I had known that. My poor step-dad has really bad legs but he always stood on the bus because few would offer their seat, and/or because he always offered his seat to others.

    Time for bed. An early start for me tomorrow.
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    Glad I can brighten your day with my name. And my late beagle was called Molly. BTW, what is a transportation card anyway?

    Love the tip about being able to wait in the wheelchair area if you need to sit. My mom has bad knees too.

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    Best wishes tomorrow!


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    I barely found out about the transpo cards maybe two years ago, if that. On the last two trips I actually hit the jackpot with three times. One bus driver gave me a good number including three retired buses from the last series. One monorail guy and lady gave me almost all of the monorails and on the last trip a couple of ferry dudes gave me like 12 watercraft cards. I have about half of the third series and about a third of the new one.

    I really loved working at MK. We would go downstairs and eat in the cast cafe at cost when hanging out in the park. Seems like it was about $2.50 for a chicken sammich and a coke, but that was 1992... And getting to ride Splash 48 times before it opened, and a special walking tour through it, etc. Good times.



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