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Thread: I made it! Finally!

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    I made it! Finally!

    Some of you old-timers here may remember reading about my plans to move back to Florida and to eventually work for Disney in semi-retirement. Well, stage one has finally been completed. I start a new job in Central Florida in late July, and I've already purchased a condo in Clermont. So it's work for a few more years at my regular job, then I'll switch over to Disney for the golden years.

    What a journey! And moving all my stuff from Pittsburgh to Clermont wasn't easy either, but life should be an adventure, and I've lived it the last couple of days, and I'm looking forward to many decades of warmth, Disney (because I must get a season pass now that I'm here, and that means I finally get to do the Food and Wine festival this fall!), and many varied adventures.

    I've been away a bit thanks to a tumultuous life, but my feet have hit the ground; so I hope to be a regular fixture here again. In fact, I'd love the opportunity to provide updates and perhaps articles if the powers that be so desire. Have pen, will write!

    i hope all are well. I'll look forward to reconnecting with some of my old friends and of course making some new ones.


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    I made it! Finally!

    Congrats Pete. Sounds like a dream come true!

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    Congrats to your new adventure. I have the same future plans for my retirement years, though I have a while to go. I would certainly be interested in reading about your experiences.

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    Enjoy Florida!

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    Pete- you made it! Congrats! Enjoy the adventure. Would love to read articles, trip reports, anything you desire to share with us. We will all live vicariously through you.

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    Congrats Pete! I've loved reading your trip reports over the years. Your new adventures will be fun to follow as well.

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    Congratulations on your move and good luck with your plans for the future

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    Welcome Home Pete! You finally made it. Enjoy all the new magical times you will have down here.


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    This is awesome. This is the route I want to go also. I told my wife that once the kids are all out of the house that I want to move to Florida and look at getting a corporate job at Disney World and then eventually work in the theme parks later in life.

    Disneyland will always be home, but WDW is starting to win me over.

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    Sweet! Congratulations Pete. I would love to hear all about it we hope to move there some day in the future from the Philly area.


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    Yeah, it hasnt been the easiest thing Ive ever tried to do, but Ive known for a while that my future long-term happiness depended on me being close to the magic.

    First step after getting my drivers license etc. is to get my annual pass. Floridians get a nice discount. Then the WDW Resort will be my very own playground! Ill still stay at the resorts, hopefully annually, even though Ill be living about a half-hour away, just because it is so special to me. But imagine being able to take a quick run into Disney for a slice of Mango pie! Or finally getting to enjoy the food and wine festival! Im so excited I cant sleep!

    More to follow. Watch this space!

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    I'm doing the same thing you are, just slightly different. I'm hoping to retire here in Texas, then move to the Orlando area and hire on to Disney as a boat driver. We'll see if I live that long.

    Congrats on your move - keep us posted on all the day to day in the parks!


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    Such excellent news, my friend!



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