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Thread: Housekeeping savings at All Star Music

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    Housekeeping savings at All Star Music

    I recently stayed at the All Star Music resort, June 15+16, 2018. I did the checkin online but since I hadn't received a text with my room number I stopped at the front desk. Now it was me who asked about the housekeeping discount but the CM was happy I did and had a laminated card that showed me how much I could save. I asked for no housekeeping for the 2 nights that I was there and saved $10. The $10 was given to me as a gift card that would activate in 1 hour. And I could use the gift card anywhere you can use other gift cards. Yippy!

    If you'd like to read further here's my take on skipping Mousekeeping:
    1. I usually keep my room tidy. I straighten (not make) my bed and keep my used towels in a small pile. I also use 1 garbage can and the recycle can. I really don't need someone making my room every day.
    2. I have to wrestle with the bed to get the sheets loose at the foot so I can sleep. That's very tiring to do every night especially after a long day at the parks.
    3. Sometimes I wake up late and I run into MKing when I come back from a break. This is inconvenient for them and me.
    4. I REALLY enjoyed coming back to my room with everything just as I left it: --Curtains drawn, held together by a clothes pin --Curtain also propped back to unblock the AC vent --Everything left on night stand which is very convenient for me --TV still turned toward my bed --Clothes and items left out because they won't be in the way of MKing.

    So I think I'll try this again on my next stay.

    I hope everyone has a magical vacation!

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    At $5 per day, that almost is a helpful offset for the new parking fees (well, it's about half for Value resorts, not much of a dent to offset the Moderate or Deluxe fees - unless they actually offer more of a rebate for those type resorts).

    Do you know if they are offering this everywhere? Was there an announcement that made you aware? I'd like to read up.

    Thanks for posting!


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    It's actually $10 per night, except your last night, as they have to make up the room for the turnover. That's why GnP's gift card was $10 for the 2 night stay.

    We stayed at POR for 8 nights last month and were offered $70. We're a couple without kids and are pretty low maintenance. We called down once for additional towels and toiletries and they brought plenty to last our full stay. I believe the gift card offer is pretty standard throughout the resort. (Although, I can't recall if I've seen reports from Deluxes). DH & I had discussed it prior to arrival and were planning to ask, but the CM mentioned it during check in.

    As GnP stated, it was nice coming back to the room to find it as you left it. We tended to be in the parks from opening to close (or nearly close) and found lights on two of the nights we returned. Assuming it was security doing a wellness check, as we had turned out all the lights when we left in the morning. Nothing else was disturbed, however. We would've liked if they'd left a note to advise us someone was in the room. They could carry small business card sized cards to leave on the table. As nothing was missing or disturbed, we made the assumption it was security (as I'd read in other threads that wellness checks are common) and didn't make any comment about it to the resort.
    We'd take advantage of it again. The gift card covered some dining expenses for us.

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    Thank you LacyBelle for explaining the amounts in better detail. I think I read your post once and kept it in mind to give it a try too.



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