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Thread: Unofficial wedding vow renewal ceremony

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    Unofficial wedding vow renewal ceremony

    Hello everyone! My hubby and I are spending the week of our 25th anniversary in Disneyland. Obviously, a very important, magical place for us. I'd like to have a renewal ceremony in Disneyland. ( Who wouldn't?) It will only be the two of us, someone to perform the service and a photographer. With such a small group I think we can keep it on the down low. Since we live out of state, I was hoping someone else may have done this and can point me to a photographer and someone to guide a ceremony, not a legal officiant. Also, any suggestions on locations in the park to do this?

    Yes, I did look at Disney's official vow renewal ceremony and with only the two of us, the cost is very prohibitive and not really what I'm looking for. We just want something simple, intimate, personal, symbolic. I have a million questions but I'm hoping the community will have thoughts and ideas. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all very much!

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    Have you thought about doing this in a restaurant? You could book a small, private room (e.g. I think the Jazz Kitchen has a few small rooms that are nice). You might do something very casual at the Royal Swing Ball on a Saturday evening. One of the regular dancers is a retired pastor -- a super nice guy. Several of the dancers also do photography. I wouldn't recommend trying to do something outside of Disney's rules, but for something very simple, there are probably various things around the DLR area that could work. When would this be?

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    I looked into this about a dozen years ago; at that time they didn't offer a specific "vow renewal" ceremony and it would cost about $60k to have your event in the park (you would have to 'rent' the park out after hours), which was the same as a regular wedding ceremony. I corresponded with the Fairy Tale Wedding staff who confirmed that officially it was not allowed during operating hours because it would detract from a guest's experience; even with such a small group, they reserve the right to remove you from the park since it is against their park rules. I think to be safe, you should contact them to get permission beforehand.

    I know people get engaged at DL all the time; one of those differences is that there usually is not a professional photographer present, although I HAVE seen a PhotoPass Photographer with a newly-engaged couple in front of the Castle recently with several friends/family looking on while he took loads of photos. I think it would be the 'ceremony' part that Disney would object to.

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    They object to outside professional photographers as well. I have heard them remove people doing professional engagement photos and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by candles71 View Post
    They object to outside professional photographers as well. I have heard them remove people doing professional engagement photos and such.
    They really don't. I see professional photoshoots all of the time. Mostly families, and Disneybounders but some are clearly engagements photos.

    The only times I've seen Disney jump on someone was a tripod set up in Tomorrowland and a tripod on Main St.

    I'll also say that I find it completely obnoxious when people do photoshoots that are more than 1-2 pics. I'll politely wait while you get a nice family pic on a bench or a couple on a pathway, but to expect to take up even 15 sq ft of space for more than 1-2 minutes really negatively impacts the other guests.

    I've run into so many that are just really rude about the whole thing. If saw a photoshoot or impromptu vow renewal in the park, I'd probably complain at this point.

    Maybe if you went on Small World or the train first thing in the morning you could get a boat to yourselves or half a train car where you could keep your voices down and not really disturb anyone else. I'd say Pirates, but people go there first thing right now. Maybe one of the non-swinging gondolas in DCA.

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    Eeep! I'm afraid I may have given the wrong impression! I was thinking very, very low key. I do sympathize with photos that inconvenience others, but I really had something much simpler in mind. Either way, since I don't want to have try to 'ninja' a ceremony on property, how about the wide promenade area outside of the ticket takers, between the parks? I can't ( fingers crossed) see Disney getting too upset about that area.....?

    Also, any pointers on officiants or photographers would be appreciated. A web search isn't always the best idea, recommendations make me much more confident. Thank you all!

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    We did a Disney wedding back (before the prices exploded thank goodness). At the time, I asked about having engagement photos done at Disneyland and was told that as long as they were taken for non-commercial usage it was fine. They certainly could have changed their policy since then, but I also just spent a week at WDW with a professional photographer who was vacationing with us, so I'm not sure how Disney would tell the difference between a professional photographer who was being paid and a really good amateur photographer who wasn't. So much of the equipment is now the same.

    When we did our engagement pictures, some of my favorite shots were "stuff on sticks" so the two of us eating corn-dogs; holding tiger tails, etc. Disneyland was A LOT less crowded back then, but we were able to find lots of out-of-the-way locations for uncrowded photos - which obviously didn't inconvenience anyone. I'm sure it's still possible with a bit of effort.

    As to a vow renewal, that is a bit trickier since Disney would prefer that you pay for theirs. Would you consider doing it on a ride? The first one that comes to mind is Tomorrowland Transit, but obviously your on the wrong coast for that one. But maybe the back of the Mark Twain? Or as someone said earlier the non-swinging gondola? Basically a ride that seats 4 and quiet talking wouldn't interfere with other people. Or during a meal at a sit-down restaurant (though that may depend on how much attention the servers are paying).

    Disney used to have a list of photographers that had been used in the past. I don't know if they still do or if they will give them to you before you book a wedding location. We were lucky in that we found a great photographer via word of mouth. But I just tried to remember his name if only to see if he was still in business and can't find any of the old emails. I may have something at home, but I really couldn't speak to his quality so many years later.

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    Thank you everyone for the input! Living hundreds of miles away puts me at a disadvantage and your experience or local knowledge is appreciated. I've been doing my own searches for officiants and photographers online and am not having much luck. Some want very large financial commitments for large ceremonies, which we'e not doing, or they are a Disney vendor and do not want to tick off Disney. Very understandable. Still, if anyone has any local photographer or officiant suggestions, (I imagine either will have suggestions about the other), I'd love to get some help pointed in the right direction. Please and thank you!

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    Some very quiet areas that I don't think were mentioned yet: Tom Sawyer Island. Around the wishing well at some times of the day. The picnic area outside the Disneyland entrance. By the fountain outside Haunted Mansion early in the morning. Critter Country early in the morning. Good luck!

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    Hope I'm not too late for this but I just found this on the Disneyland Daily site.



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