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Thread: David R. Smith Interview - Part Two

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    David R. Smith Interview - Part Two

    David R. Smith Interview - Part Two by Jim Korkis

    The Disney Legend and archivist gives some insights to his role at the company.

    Read it here!

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    I love your articles - this was so informative about the archives; thank you!

    DL trips: too many to remember actual dates, but they began in the 60s!
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    Thanks for your support

    Quote Originally Posted by Pammer View Post
    I love your articles - this was so informative about the archives; thank you!
    Thanks for always being so supportive. As a writer, sometimes you just sit in front of the computer hammering away on the keys and have no idea whether any of it makes any difference. Sometimes my only clue is that MousePlanet allows me to keep writing. So thanks for the kind and generous words.

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    I really enjoyed these articles on Dave Smith! (I registered just today so I could post this comment.) Thank you, Jim Korkis, for sharing Disney history with us all. The knowledge makes my visits to Disneyland that much more memorable. PS I just finished "Call Me Walt" last week and can't wait to start on another of your books. Keep them coming!

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    Jim --

    As I think you know, around 1971 I was among the first Disney fans to get a tour of the nascent Disney Archives from new hire Dave Smith. He was then, and continues to be, a great friend and support to all of us, and throughout my decades in the business has been fondly remembered and respected. Thanks for these great articles, and all you do.

    Ron Schneider
    Former Dreamfinder



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