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Thread: A Frozen boat all to myself!

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    A Frozen boat all to myself!

    Just wanted to share a little 'patience story' with so many MPer's going to WDW this summer.

    It's the 2nd week of May and I'm in EPCOT. I've only been on Frozen once and I've decided to set aside 1 hour to see it again. I couldn't get a FP, so I'm completely prepared for a long wait.
    Wow! I walk up and see the wait is at 45 min. Good, I'm actually ahead of schedule! I'm able to walk in all the way to where the town begins. Yippy! As the line moves I find myself stopped in Wandering Oakins'. I can take my time and really look around, even though there are a lot of us in here. Then we get the dreaded announcement. The ride has gone down, they don't know when it will be back up, etc. Most people hold their ground. 15 minutes later people leave. Another 10 minutes and a bunch more are leaving. It seemed that they were leaving for ADR's, etc. because it was lunch time and a lot of people would leave at exactly the same time.
    So, here I am sitting in the cool dark Norway town, enjoying some sweet, sweet air conditioning. The only guests left are a family of 5, another of 6 and me. The kids/teens are being absolute angels. I remind them, that with everyone gone they could walk over to Oakins' and get some awesome pics with no one in the shot. The parents think this is a great idea and off the kids go.
    We wait a little longer, I'm totally relaxed listening to the music that I couldn't hear when there was a line, and suddenly the CM's are smiling and the announcement says the ride is up! Yeah! ...And friends, here's where the magic begins. I've been polite during all of this. I again ask the families to please go ahead of me. They all board the boat and I realize that it's going to be cramped. So I look at the CM and ask if I might just wait and get on the next boat. She said she was happy to do it. (remember, there is no one else in line. ) And before you could say, "Let It Go" I was cruising thru Frozen in a boat ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!. No flash bulbs, no crying, no loud talking, just me. My view was 360. I heard all the music. I heard every word of dialogue. All the characters were talking to ME! It was absolute heaven.

    So friends, if you find yourself this hot summer in Frozen and it goes down. Remember my tale. Enjoy the darkness, the sweet sweet Norweign air conditioning, and be sure to sit on the floor with somewhere to lean your back on. It's actually a very pleasant experience.

    Happy magical vacation everyone!

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    That’s awesome!


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    What a great story and experience, thanks for sharing!

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    Tusen takk!!

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    A Frozen boat all to myself!

    Awesome story.

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    A Frozen boat all to myself!



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